Are Relationships Like Exercising?

I was thinking the other day that when a person either hasn’t worked out for a long time (or ever), that the beginning stages are the usually the most difficult, the worst, the most discouraging, and the hardest to overcome and maintain…Often called the PREParation phase.

During those phases, your body is normally warmed up then pushed to the point of breaking. You feel pain and soreness like never before and want to quit, need to quit, randomly kick the walkers of the elderly, curse, pass out, trip small children for no reason, cry, or just lie down from the pain.

That soreness is often misunderstood. In actuality, your body is truly healing, growing, and more importantly LEARNing so that the next workout and each workout after, you can go a little harder, a little longer, and lift a little more.

Now in relationships (especially marriage), many of the same things happen.

If you agree that in marriage, you become one, then you can already see how combining 2 people into 1 unit can have its challenges, complications, road blocks, breaking points, and tough times.  Just like a workout, it may be a little difficult to see the finished product, at the start of your workout program. It may feel sometimes impossible to see the future positives when they are clouded by the pain of today.

Interesting how exercising seems to be a decent analogy for relationships, but it also diverges in some ways as well and I want your input…


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