When no one’s looking at the real you, who’s the “real” you?

“I’ll never” or “I’ll always,” are often the very beginning of setting an expectation, even if only for yourself. Those phrases of affirmation are often times a replacement for motivation. Should they be? Maybe yes, maybe no, but have you ever known someone (even if that someone is you) that drew a hard and deep line in the sand only to later on in life walk right across that line? I have and I’ve also done it.

What made me change my mind on something I’d mentally committed to?

I came to the conclusion that I’m human and therefore quite imperfect and fluid in my likes and dislikes due to emotions.

Due to the amount of confidence instilled in me by my parents and grandparents, I’ve never beat myself up about changing a previous statement, but have worked much harder to say what I mean and mean what I say, both short and long-term.

What I truly hate to see is a person devastated due to their realization that they aren’t perfect. Being imperfect is being human. Being human is to be flexible, in my opinion.

Be reasonable with yourself as well as your mate. Allow for growth and flexibility.

Disclaimer: Just because you are human does not mean your mate has to be compelled to stay with you through your imperfections that may negatively affect them. THAT is where you also need to be reasonable and flexible in your understanding and acceptance of their decision.


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