Game Night…

She could deny the obvious attraction no longer. “Why should she for that matter?” That was the dilemma that plagued Alise at the moment or at least that was the issue she preferred to give her attention to, at the time.

The “guaranteed to be too high to open” electric and water bills that her precious daughter constantly ran up like she was secretly participating in a competition to break her mother; The security of her job as an Assistant Principal with all of the recent budget cuts the county had been undergoing; and lastly, her daughter’s father, Christian, who while very attractive and driven, was not even close to mature enough to be successful and committed at the same time, but due to her realization of that fact, made being friends a higher priority for her own sanity.

“Damn it! Those dreads are killing me so softly!” Is what Alise, mentally mentioned to herself as she “Fell In Lust” all over again with the man she’d been sitting across from for the last hour. She’d never “Gone Black,” but had a strong feeling that if going black was anything like what her more adventurous friends, Selina and Gabrielle, had described that the 3-month rule she’d stayed faithful to in other dating relationships was going to get alienated if those Patron shots kept making her body hot. “Blame in on the alcohol, right?” Is what she used to convince herself that what she expected may happen was A-okay.

“I am sure that you’re asking yourself why anyone would deny such a natural attraction, but let’s not be naive, we know what lustful thoughts lead to, right?” The pits of hell, or at least that’s what her grandfather used to say when trying to keep Alise and her younger sisters away from “The Penis.” A mythical demon-like creature created by the devil to make fast little girls pregnant. “Hugs make you pregnant!” That’s what grandpa told us…

Alise had grown up in a very southern Baptist home where being a lady was more than taught, but drilled into their heads from the time they could walk and talk.

“Close your legs; you’re a lady.”

“Don’t curse; you’re not only a lady, but you’ll go straight to hell after I beat the word you said out of you.”

“Don’t kiss boys; you’re a lady and girls that kiss boys are hussies.”

Ironically enough, for the past 60 minutes, kissing him was all she could think about. “How?” was the question that presented a number of attractively available options. She could simply close her beautiful hazel brown and grey eyes and “go in” blindly, expecting his beautifully arched and full lips to take the lead, which she was more than happy to follow.

She could exhibit a super-human level of resistance and allow him to make the first move, secretly praying that he would hug her from behind, turn her around to face him, and kiss her like Jack kissed Rose on the bow of the ship in the movie Titanic.

“Alise, it’s your turn, my dulce corazón (sweet heart in Spanish)…Draw 4,”

International’s deep, sexy, and soft voice immediately broke her random train of thought which so intricately included him. Little did he know.

International was the nickname Aaron was given while in the military due to the number of cities and countries he’d lived in. He wrote and spoke four languages fluently and Alise was not ashamed to admit that between his beautiful skin, dreads, voice, and constant spontaneity was a colossal turn on, a top all of his other qualities.

Her friends and family told her that he was “too good” to be true, but she never minded going against the grain and trusted her intuition despite the fact that she hoped it was more than just a physical attraction for both of them.

She’d played her hand wrong a couple of times before when choosing men that she felt were worth her effort and gravely wanted this time to be different, at least for her daughter’s sake.

Nina Marie was a “too big for her britches” 12 year old who was at a tough place in her young life. She wanted a more attentive father and wanted her mother to smile. Nina Marie was a little dulce corazón like her mother and for the most part drew pretty close to Aaron in a fatherly type, big brother role. As hard as it was for Alise to understand, Nina listened to him and actually sought his advice when dealing with the little boys at her middle school.

Alise was unsure of whether his connection with her daughter was also supposed to arouse her, but it did add to his attractiveness and the fact the she’d been dead smack in the middle of her fourth year as a 30-year-old veteran meant that her sexual cup was over-damn-flowing.

Lonely night’s with her finger tips and vibrator took the edge off, but at that very instant she wanted Aaron to help her with that edge. She was half way hoping not to wet the bed herself that evening. All she had to do was figure out how to win this game of UNO.

She thought to herself how much she loved UNO, but hated to draw cards. “I guess I’m a sore loser, or a strategic winner.” She thought. She placed a bet on the table before drawing her four cards.

“If I win, you have to run down to the end of the street naked, stop the next car that drives by, yelling “I lost a game of UNO to a girl. She raped me and took my cards. Please help!” and if she lost she’d have to do the same in return.

He agreed, just like she knew he would. He was a Leo and they rarely turn down a challenge.

While feeling very confident in her abilities as a 34-year-old, educated professional, he was as much intellectually attractive as he was physically attractive and knew exactly how to use it for me and against me at the same time.

After shaking her hand in agreement with the terms of the bet, he got up from the living room carpet and excused himself to the restroom for a moment. She had no idea what was up his sleeve, but with arms like his, she was more than willing to check and confirm what was up that sleeve if needed.

He returned to the living room a couple of minutes later as fully dressed as he was when he got up, but something just didn’t seem right. She thought. She wasn’t definitively sure about what, but her analytical skills were going to definitely find out.

“I have a sub bet to add, if you don’t mind?” Aaron, mentioned after taking another shot of Patron.

“I’m game…What is it? She answered. “As an FYI, Mr. International Man, we are only in month number two so don’t try to get me naked. These lush, mountainous wetlands are off-limits for now.” Alise was such a fronter and had now started to speak in reverse, but refused to say so. They laughed together as he struggled to suppress the arousal in his cargo shorts that her keen eyes managed to observe during a split-second glance downward as he reorganized his cards.

“Every time “Draw Two” is pulled, we have to exchange two soft kisses. When a “Draw Four” is pulled, we have to hug for four seconds. Every time a Skip or Reverse is pulled, we have to whisper exactly what we are thinking at that moment. Deal?”

She loved his creativity so she couldn’t say yes fast enough, but still managed to say she’d have to think about it before saying yes…”I agree.” She mentioned only minutes later.

Alise didn’t hate love, but also didn’t have the fondest history with it either. She’d recently come out of a bad break up and was still learning to reopen her heart which was much more difficult than she had expected. She found herself coming up with and implementing all kinds of rules and regulations to protect her heart, her daughter’s heart, and her “liquid diamond”, which is what she called her vagina. She felt like it was a classy name, but still sexy.

Some of her rules were as follows:

  1. 90-Day Rule: She felt that within 90 days the true person would always come out. Then she could pull out her Return of the Jedi light saber and eliminate the enemy before he even got close to her heart. While this had proven to be accurate only 50% of the time, she still found tranquility in its concept.
  2. The FEMALE always makes the rules because she is a Princess: If he didn’t comply, I could call him controlling, a chauvinist, and not my type, before kicking him out the door.
  3. The FEMALE can change her mind at anytime and call it emotion: That way she could get too close to him and back out without as much as a clear explanation, if she wanted.

She knew that inflexible rules proved to be bad at times, but she was trying to protect her heart by surrounding it with enough emotional cinder blocks to keep any potential dangers away let alone see over the wall.

Either way her wall was both too short and erroneously constructed, because over the last couple of months Aaron’s battering ram was starting to cause her emotional and physical foundation to crumble. It’s also possible that she was barely resisting, but desperately wanted to believe that she was.

They’d been dating for a couple of months and as cliché as she knew it was about to sound, she psychologically stated it, “He gets me!”

He seemed to not only naturally understand her wants and needs, but was never satisfied until he mastered her and understood even the parts of her that she didn’t quite have figured out.

“Ha, ha, ha, Draw 2,” Aaron laughed as he pointed at her dejected, but still sexy and inviting smile. As she reached out her hand to draw her cards and place them in her hand, he wasted no time in grabbing her hand and pulling her close to her pressing his lips to hers.

“What time was it?” She thought…She wasn’t sure, because it seemed to go in reverse at the exact moment their lips met.

The way he drew near to her was very much similar to the feeling of a rollercoaster scaling a long incline to the top of a very steep drop. Their lips touched as the rollercoaster dropped. Her heart raced as the train-like vehicle raced with gravity. The G-Force-like feeling caused her to unknowingly clinch the “Draw Two” card as both her set of lips began to swell to receive his tongue. Even his breath smelled sweet.

The parallel nature of her thoughts began to take over as she closed her eye lids to allow for more focus on what her “lower” lips were doing inside her panties, which she’d so strategically picked out to match her bra which she fully intended for him to see, but not touch.

She rose to her knees to mirror his stance and make it easier for him to wrap his muscular arms around her. She had no clue of whether they were on kiss number one or two, but she was not about to break stride to find out.

After finishing the first kiss and pulling back from her lips in order to get lost in her eyes once more up close he calmly asked, “Alise, Where would you like your second kiss?”

“What was I supposed to say?” She thought to herself.

That first kiss damn near caused a mild heart attack. She felt so erotically vulnerable at the moment their lips touched that she was unsure of how far that second kiss should go. “She has rules remember?”

You would think that was their first kiss, but it was not. Why it meant so much more tonight, she knew full well. Aaron had previously mentioned that aside from his mother and grandmother, he held the act of kissing sacred only to be experienced by someone he felt special enough. She felt special.

As time elapsed, Aaron obviously grew impatient of her decision regarding the location of the second kiss so he decided to take things into his own hands. Literally speaking.

As she sat back, still on her knees still savoring the moment, he crawled over to her and around behind her, raising himself back to his knees, but closely interlocking his body with hers. He was out of her frontal vision and that both worried and aroused her at the same time. She had no clue about what was to cum next. It would most certainly be her if his actions harmonized with her fantasy.

He used both of his hands to part her hair from the base of her neck in order to reveal the goose bumps that began to form ironically enough in a 78 degree living room.

He began massaging her shoulders touching all pressure points as his still slightly moist and still very warm lips contacted her goose bumps, seeming to almost individually calm each one like “Rock-A-Bye Baby” too a room full of crying infants.

Her legs started to spread almost mechanically as her head started to tilt to one side as he worked short sensual kisses around her neck like an automatic weapon firing multiple bullets with one pull of the trigger. He set off a domino effect of reactions through her body.

  1. Her back started to sweat as it began to arch like a cat stretching.
  2. Her swollen and now soaking wet vagina began to open like a flower, almost pushing her thong panties to the side, just in case his finger tips got lost down in between her thighs that were begging to “show him the way.”
  3. Her pupils started to dilate and eye lids started to close as she began to fantasize about a lust making session that would most definitely quench her passionate thirst as she released over and over again at his soft, but stern command to “cum for him just once more…”
  4. Her abdominal muscles tightened as she quietly contracted and released them, treading closer and closer to hands-free masturbation which she so desperately wanted his help with.
  5. Her toes curled inside her socks as she utilized every bit of restraint she had left in order to keep from turning around and making her own fantasy fast-forward and come true.
  6. Her palms began to sweat as she grasped his manhood that he’d so deliberately set free from his boxers and placed near her finger tips.
  7. She, at that moment, leaked onto her sundress which was spread under her. She was more pleased with her confirmation of a more than satisfying length and thickness, never once thinking to question why, as she held it and slowly stroked it, that he seemed to be “flexing” it within her hands to let her know how strong he was.

Just as she started to deem that moment the perfect time to say, in her softest, sexiest, and most demanding voice, “Aaron, I want you inside me…” Aaron stopped, asking her whose turn it was, as he moved back around to his side, picking up his cards as he repositioned himself. “The game isn’t over,” he smiled with a truly devilish grin.

She felt like the kid that was never picked in kick ball. “Was he some kind of Ex-Navy Seal or something, because she had never been remotely in a situation where a man stopped making out in order to do anything besides grab a condom.

Turned on. Check. Ready to fuck. Double Check. Confused. Check. Check. Check.

She had no cards in her hand that could be played so it was now his turn to draw. He reached over to grab the top card as she contemplated premeditated rape and how she would have been more than happy to explain that to Miami PD.

“Draw Four! Ha! My turn you tease…” She yelled!

Being a man of his word, he stood up as she remained on her knees and with outstretched arms said the words, “Remember, four seconds only.”

In a very sarcastic fashion, she agreed, but still never rose to her feet, instead, without even untying his shorts, pulled them down to his ankles and in one fluid motion, kissed the distended head of his still hard dick. All he could do was close his eyes and lean his head backward as if to deny yet still welcome her oral pleasure.

Although she could only slide it halfway in, she made the experience a truly memorable one locking her lips around the base of his head as she circled her tongue around and around causing him to shiver with enjoyment as he damn near rocked backward potentially falling into the coffee table.

Just as the tip of his dick began to ooze precum, she stopped, indicating that yet again, the game must continue. Challenged at his own game was something he was ill prepared for, but no less enjoyed.

As he stood there fully extended and still dripping from her saliva, she pulled his shorts back up, not tying them, but still leaving them untied and unzipped so that she could enjoy the visual pleasure as the next card was drawn.

As she reached to draw the next card, not realizing that he still had not played a card, he grabbed her hand, mentioning, “It’s my turn, not yours.” He looked calmly through his hand and played a red two. She then looked through her hand and reached to draw knowing full well that she had a yellow two directly in the center of her hand.

Ironically enough she pulled a red number four and disappointedly played it, unhappy that it was not a card of much more sexual usage, so to speak. Aaron, being confident in his creative abilities and now weak from lust and intent on skipping what would soon become a waste of a game, crawled over to her again, knees knocking the cards out-of-the-way and dick swinging and hard like a lion ready to mate with a lioness.

He forced her backward on to her back, causing her sundress to rise, now exposing her cherry red thong panties and vagina lips peaking from the side as if to wink at him. He, already hard from UNO style foreplay, slid directly inside her, achieving only partial success as a portion of him still exposed due to a lack of room inside her.

As he entered her she gasped at his volume, wrapping her pussy lips around each entering inch and her arms around his strong back as she drove her nails into his skin causing him to unexpectedly lunge forward impaling her even more.

That initial shock caused her to scream about, “Shiiiiitttt!” as the pleasure mixed with pain caused her to unexpectedly squeeze out a quick, but still powerful orgasm as her G-spot received its first non masturbatory massage in months.

Realizing what she’d just done, he leaned directly on top of her, positioned his lips to her ears, and whispered, “Three more to go…”

“He obviously wants me to have as many orgasms as the last played UNO card indicated,” she thought to herself as she had also decided that she would not make it as easy as the first.

As he now continued to slowly stroke a little faster, his curved and elongated dick began to transfer her orgasmic and creamy juices onto her brand new panties which she’d cared nothing about at that moment. “Don’t stop,” she whispered as orgasm number two rounded third and was headed home.

“Wait! Wait!” she pleaded, with him first, then secondly with his dick, “I’m about to…” Just at that moment he said, “About to what?” as his strokes became more deliberate as if his penis were a G-Spot seeking missile aimed directly inside her.

She came again, this time locking her legs around his back as she tried her best wrestling technique to suppress his movement, as the orgasm were causing sensitive impulses with his dick’s every thrust. He was obviously either unaware of this or ignoring her, but whatever the case. Complaining, she was not!

He then stood to his feet and used his biceps to guide her up and down on his inserted and now quite creamy and shiny dick. She struggled to hold on as the change in position began touching a completely different spot inside her. By the time her tender vagina began to conform to the size of his dick and adjust accordingly, an almost spine-cracking climax took place seemingly in her chest where she was sure the tip of his dick was at that exact moment.

“You have to put me down for a moment. I have to rest, regroup, whatever, Fuck!” She said with barely any breath or energy left in her body.

He obliged, once again becoming more attractive to her by his display of patience. Or so she thought. As she sat on his couch, sundress in shambles and one of the straps torn, he pushes her upper body back as he pulls her to the edge of the sofa and proceeds to use his head to give her head. He didn’t just give her oral sex, he performed oral sex on her, turning tricks with his tongue that would make a Tootsie Pop nervous at how fast he’d get to her center.

“Damn it!” She began to feel another cum cumming as she squirmed and gyrated to avoid orgasmic capture of that final orgasm. Just as she started to moan a little deeper and louder he removed his lips from her throbbing clitoris, replacing it with his thumb, as he tossed her salad, inserting his tongue just inside her anal cavity, which was also coated with the cream from her previous orgasms.

She damn near lost it when he inserted his tongue, not because it hurt, which it didn’t, but because it felt much better than she thought it would. How she managed to push and pull him at the same time, she was not really sure, but that’s exactly what was happening as her orgasm, fourth and final began to build.

In typical Mr. International fashion, he seemed to time the arrival of her orgasm perfectly, because exactly four strokes of his still solid dick was all it took once he forcefully re-entered her, matching her rhythmic thrusts until he too came deep inside her as she reciprocated with a creamy orgasm of her own, onto his pelvis.

After taking a couple of minutes of stationary movement and deep breathing, they retired to his rain like shower where they washed each other completely, lotioning each other down once they exited and dried off and retired to the bedroom to pass out officially.

He asked what was wrong as she smiled and chuckled to herself. “Nothing,” she said, as she thought to herself, “Why would I ever go back?”


  1. Love it!!! OMG!! Where do they play this kind of UNO!!! I love the details of this woman’s relationship struggles and the walls of rules she put up…..happens to the best of us:/. But I love even more this Man’s desire to please her, make her comfortable, and put the effort in to use his mind and creativity to make her body do all the things her mind wanted.

    Great Story! I usually love your visuals but appreciated that there were only a few b/c I am definitely at work lol!!

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