The Professor…

“Invalid Password, What?” Oh, the caps lock is on. After making sure that the caps lock was disabled, I successfully logged in to my online student account in order to check the final grades of my final senior semester.

“ A, A, B, B, C”

My heart dropped deep down into my stomach as the impact of that last grade resonated in my mind. The depressing feeling started in my upper then quickly traveled to my lower intestines, then stopped as the deep disappointing feeling hit with a thud so loud that I could have sworn that I heard it land. It was over. I was going to graduate with a GPA of 2.94, just shy of the 3.0 needed to qualify for the only career opportunity I’d been offered of the 25 resumes, cover letters, and applications sent out, 10 phone interviews, seven second interviews, and three third interviews, and a contingent job offer to be a Benefits Analyst for Aflac and they required a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

I had no clue of what I was supposed to feel at this point. My emotions hovered somewhere in between the strength to mentally progress on to plan B and the superhuman strength to scrap the nonexistent plan B and make plan A a reality.

I had to leave the computer lab for a moment in order to gather my thoughts. I grabbed my book bag and headed towards the exit and into the crowded hallway of the lunch time crowd of the student center of my illustrious HBCU, Hillman College. Unlike the rest of the students, I had no appetite and no interest in socializing at that point.

I stepped outside for a moment to call the one person that I knew would give me some good advice, my older brother Shawn who was a successful Journalism professional in the greater DC area. After about 15 minutes of filling his ear with, “I tried my best” and “He grades too hard” he told me to calm down and asked me one question, “Have you talked to your professor about it?”

“Hmmm, Why hadn’t I thought of that?” – “Will do big bro! Thanks for the advice. Love you!”

I needed to handle this ASAP there was no time to waste. I marched myself right over to the School of Business and down the long hallway to Professor Williams’ office located at the end of the hall.

“Knock, knock, knock!” – “Yes, Come in.”

I slowly opened the creaking door and slid in, still completely nervous inside, with no clue of what I could say maturely without pleading like a Death Row inmate begging for a pardon. I was desperate, but had to try hard not to show it.

“How can I help you, Misses…?” – “Mr. Williams, my name is Angela McDaniel sir. I am in your Wednesday night Statistics class.”

“Oh, okay. How can I help you Angela?” – “Well Mr. Williams, I am a graduating senior majoring in Business Administration and I have been offered a wonderful job opportunity at Aflac. The offer is contingent upon me graduating with a minimum 3.0 GPA.” – “And…Angela? I am very busy and I would love for you to reach your point in the near future so that I’d have enough energy left to teach classes tomorrow.”

“What an asshole!” A lot of the college’s seasoned professors were that way and he was obviously no exception being one of the most experienced professors in the school of business at only 37 years old.

“Well sir, I received a C in your class and…” – “Angela, don’t you mean earned a C? I will only give a student what they deserve.”

This was not going well. I was beginning to become less nervous and more emotional and upset as the reality of the situation began to secure a place in my mind. He was not going to hear me out without a condescending remark or three.

“With all due respect sir, your teaching style is a little confusing and after class you are rarely available for questions making self-study the only way a person can comprehend the material. I am working full-time at the mall and working part-time at Aflac as an intern and I really need this job.”

By the time I uttered out that last word my eyes began to tear up due to his stone-faced demeanor and unsympathetic  and sarcastic smile as he crossed his fingers, hands held together basically saying, “Too bad little girl, better luck next time.”

“Angela, what do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you that although you frequently came to class late and performed at a mediocre level that if you asked the “right” way that I’d just give you a B because you asked?“

“No sir, I just wondered if there was anything that I could do to bring my grade up. Sir I need this and I’ll do anything to make that grade a B…Anything!”

“Angela, I know that you really want a B so here is what you can do…Take this class again next semester and pray that the recruiter at Aflac can hold your position until you are more serious about your education. Good day, Angela!”

I broke into tears as I slowly rose to my feet and turned to leave. That man is heartless and mean. As I closed the door behind myself I had to say, “Thanks for nothing.” I said it just before slamming the door. I think I was most mad because I think that he was right, sort of. I tried or at least felt like I did based on the circumstances and my work schedule.

It’s funny how a person’s attractiveness can spiral downward as soon as you get to know them. I headed back to my dorm room so that I could take a nap for a moment and attempt to regroup. Talking to my girls usually helped a lot in that department. Kerri and Toya were always good for a laugh and knew how to put things in perspective from dating to sex to money.

After climbing three flights of steps to my floor (I was trying to keep my legs and ass just right!) I entered my jail cell, I mean dorm room and crashed on the bed after dropping my books in the middle of the floor.

Just as I closed my eyes after putting on my head phones and turning the iPod to some old school Mary J., in come the rest of the crew noisy as usual!

“Hey, girl! How’d your grades turn out? I did okay, but I am going back home to NY anyway so no big deal to me. I know your job was riding on a 3.0 so what’s up boo?” – “Ummm, Not good, girl. I ended up with a 2.9 and that is not enough to get the job. I needed a 3.0 and I have no idea of what to do.”

“Maybe you can talk to the professor. Sometimes they can be reasonable in these types of situations.” – “Been there and done that and Mr. Williams…”

“Do you mean, Sexy Mr. Williams with the super deep voice, chocolate-brown skin, and hands that look like they’d look perfect around my waist as we…?” – “Toya, shut up! Yes, the one and only and he is still an asshole. He shot me down before I could even explain things well.“

“You know the main reason you’re upset right?” – “WTF does that mean?”

“Angela, you are gorgeous and the star of the volleyball team and the ace on the historic C/O 2010 Alpha Kappa Alpha line. You are used to getting what you want because you’re popular and attractive, but Mr. Williams shot that down. Girl, you probably got wet sitting there in front of him because he was the first man to ever tell you no…LOL!”

Damnit, was she right? Was I so devastated because I didn’t get my way? As I thought this internally, Kerri must’ve read my mind because as I turned to her she was nodding as she read an old issue of Essence magazine.

“Whatever, I am going to sleep. F— both of y’all,” as we all laughed and I went back to lying down before dinner time.

I awoke 45 minutes later to a vibrating cell phone. It was my dad…I was not prepared to talk to him right then. He was just as hard as my professor and not an excuse in the world was going to get me off the hook.

*Sent to voicemail* He hated that, but I’d ask for forgiveness later.

I went and took a quick, but hot shower before getting dressed in my Victoria Secret jogging suit and wife beater. Cute and casual can go together, lol!

After enjoying a fun-filled lunch with my roomies we left the cafeteria and took the long way back to the dorm. No sense in going to lunch if we weren’t going to flirt and tease the guys a little bit in the process, right?

Well you know what that turned into…Before we knew it the sun had begun to set and we were still lounging around in the Quad.

“Ladies, I’m about to take it on in. I have some jobs I have to apply for.” As I began to walk away, Kerri yelled, “Persistence pays off…”

She was right. All I needed to do was just focus and apply for as many jobs as I needed to in order to find another opportunity, but as I walked past the student center I noticed that light was illuminating from the last window in the School of Business. Mr. Asshole Williams must have been working late, as usual, but oh well, I’d already tried.

Three flights of steps and I was back at my dorm room. Peace and silence for a moment.

“Blink, Blink…Blink, Blink!”

There was a message on our answering machine. I was very close to not checking since I felt like it would either be my dad Parent Stalking me or someone for Kerri who was like a Male Magnet…

Curiosity got the best of me so I pressed the Play button.

“Message one: Hey Sexy, This is Darius. Call me when you get the message. Oh and this is for Kerri, not you other uglies!” Darius was such an idiot, but he was so into Kerri it was kinda cute so I saved the message.

“Message two: Misses McDaniel, per our conversation earlier this afternoon I’d like to speak with you regarding something you could do to possibly improve your grade. Call me as soon as you get the message as this offer has a very short shelf life.”

Anxiousness again over took me. I was so nervous that I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door and toward the School of Business so that I could talk to him in person.

I jog over to the building and get to the unlit building which I couldn’t get into. The door was locked. Maybe that’s why he said call. I felt like an idiot. “Angela, What are you doing?” I said to myself as I walked around to the end of the building where I noticed his light still on and window cracked.

I stood there like a stalker student trying to calculate my next move. I reached in my back pocket for my cell phone only to realize that in my mad dash to get over to his office, I’d left my cell phone lying on the bed.

“Great! What am I supposed to do now?” Well, quick thinking isn’t always good thinking, but…

“Mister Williams! Mister Williams!” *In my best whisper/yell voice*

After a couple of minutes he came to the cracked window and raised it a little louder to see who was calling his name at 7:15p.

“Misses McDaniel, you seem superior at not following directions and doing exactly what you want to do, thus explaining your final grade.” – “I’m sorry sir, but I wanted to talk to you in person if that was okay? I’m sorry to show up unannounced, but I don’t have my cell phone with me or I’d have called.”

With a stern and unamused look on his face he responded, “Go to the front door. I’m on the way down.”

I hurried back to the front door where I waited patiently for him to arrive and let me in.

From the door I could see his 5’ 11” muscular frame emerging from the shadows of the dimly lit hallway, dark to conserve energy, but perfect for revealing how sexy his lips were with the perfect amount of Chap Stick applied.

“Angela, snap out of it! You are here for one purpose only, to make a C mysteriously turn into a B, but where my boundary was, was to be determined.” I thought to myself.

As he pushed the normally heavy doors open with ease, he welcomed me in visually, but never uttered a word as he turned and headed back to his office. I assumed my direction was to follow although he didn’t directly say it.

As I closely trailed him to his office I couldn’t help but ask what I needed to do in order to change my grade. I was praying that this wasn’t a scene from a porn movie where he’d ask me to perform some type of inappropriate sexual act. I am sexual, but definitely not that type of girl.

As we entered his well-lit office I realized he was wearing a jogging suit that was zipped halfway down revealing a tattoo on his chest of a dragon which ironically was an instant turn on. I’d never known he had any tattoos what so ever. He frankly didn’t strike me as the type to have such a liberating display on his body when all I knew of him was order, restraint, and tradition.

“Angela, Which of the following statements are true? (Check one)

I. Categorical variables are the same as qualitative variables.

II. Categorical variables are the same as quantitative variables.

III. Quantitative variables can be continuous variables.

(A) I only

(B) II only

(C) III only

(D) I and II

(E) I and III”

“Shit, was he serious? I didn’t know this.”

He slid our Statistics book in front of me and said, “Find it! You have three minutes.” He looked down at his watch and said, “Starting…now!”

I immediately started at the table of contents and then back to the index, then flipped through the rest of the book wasting about 30 seconds in my misguided tour through the book before clearing my head and finding the chapter on Variables.

My palms were sweating, my stomach was sweating, my thighs were sweating. As I flipped more rigorously through the chapter, Mister Williams stood up to hang up his sweatshirt. I had no choice, but to notice the prominent swelling in his grey jogging pants. Wow! In a quick lapse in concentration, I moved to the edge of my seat where I could see a little more closely.

Just as my lips started to open inside the center of my Victoria Secret boyshorts, he reminded me that I had 45 seconds left to answer the question.

“Shit,” I focused my attention back on the chapter and miraculously found the answer…”I’ve got it!”

“Well due to my lack of interest in suspense, What’s your answer?” Mister Williams said.

“The correct answer is (E). Categorical variables are just another name for qualitative variables. And quantitative variables are numeric variables, so they can be continuous variables. Categorical variables, however, are not quantitative variables.”

“Excellent answer, Angela! For having the book, but that’s what professional environments require, the ability to find out what you don’t know.

Next question A coin is tossed three times. What is the probability that it lands on heads exactly one time?

(A) 0.125

(B) 0.250

(C) 0.333

(D) 0.375

(E) 0.500

No you cannot use the book, but here is a piece of paper, a pencil, and a calculator…Good luck! Oh and you have six minutes.”

“Is he just messing with me? Is this really going to get me the grade I need?” Either way, I had to at least try…despite how grueling this was.

I put my head down and began to analyze the question in front of me. After the first minute and a half of attempting to keep my wandering mind from contemplating whether or not he was a boxers or briefs type of guy, I began to jot down a couple of figures and formulas before coming to my answer with about 40 seconds to double-check my accuracy.

“The correct answer is (D). If you toss a coin three times, there are a total of eight possible outcomes. They are: HHH, HHT, HTH, THH, HTT, THT, TTH, and TTT. Of the eight possible outcomes, three have exactly one head. They are: HTT, THT, and TTH. Therefore, the probability that three flips of a coin will produce exactly one head is 3/8 or 0.375.”

“Correct…But you have one additional question before making my determination on your educational understanding of this course.

An auto analyst is conducting a satisfaction survey, sampling from a list of 10,000 new car buyers. The list includes 2,500 Ford buyers, 2,500 GM buyers, 2,500 Honda buyers, and 2,500 Toyota buyers. The analyst selects a sample of 400 car buyers, by randomly sampling 100 buyers of each brand.

Is this an example of a simple random sample?

(A) Yes, because each buyer in the sample was randomly sampled.

(B) Yes, because each buyer in the sample had an equal chance of being sampled.

(C) Yes, because car buyers of every brand were equally represented in the sample.

(D) No, because every possible 400-buyer sample did not have an equal chance of being chosen.

(E) No, because the population consisted of purchasers of four different brands of car.

You have 10 minutes and your potential employment at Aflac riding on this so take your time and be sure.

You will not have access to your book, pencil, paper, or calculator…”

“Mister Williams I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to…” – “You’ve just wasted one minute.”

By that time, he’d positioned himself on the corner of his desk. One foot elevated while the other rested on the floor.

“My Goodness, he was sexy.” Maybe it was my confidence in coming up with the correct answer, but my anxiousness quickly turned to a slow vibrating sensation in between my legs as I swore his dick began to rise in front of me as if it whispered for me to set it free from his jogging pants which were doing a fantastically horrible job of concealing his obvious arousal. It was cute to me how as erect as he was, his facial expression still showed a very focused and hard-nosed professor. The complexity in emotions turned me on even more.

At just that moment his office phone began to ring. As he reached over to answer the phone his tank top rose up just enough to reveal his auburn waistline and “V” shaped muscle tone leading south towards his elongated dick which had been silently and subliminally conversing with me all evening.

I lost it. It was out of my hands. Actually, it was quite the reverse of that, literally. I slowly slid my free hand down inside my jogging pants at an angle that he could not see. I spread my legs to each corner of the chair as my fingers found contact with the outside of my panties, but directly on top of my tender clitoris that had been marinating in wet panties for the last 20 minutes.

Maybe it was my female ego almost feeling like conquering the professor was within reach or the fact that as stone-faced as he was, I may be the reason he was aroused, or that my friends were right and his defiance sent my mind and body to a place that I rarely visited due to his seemingly rejecting attitude. Either way all I knew was that my sexual awakening was about to squeeze creamy fluid onto my fingers if I didn’t stop rubbing her.

Without even turning toward me to see my arm moving up and down and teeth biting my moist and glossed lips he said, “Just because I’m on the phone doesn’t mean that you have any extra time Angela…three minutes left.”

Just at that moment I reached an orgasm while gripping the arm of the chair to brace the muscular spasm generated in my hips.

“I should be leaving here in a moment. I’ll see you soon. So Misses McDaniel, your answer is?” Asked Mister Williams.

As he hung up the phone and stood directly in front of me, equally hung, I was able to see the complete imprint as it pressed against his thigh. “Could that thing even fit inside me?” I sure as hell wanted to find out, but without getting kicked out of school for misconduct…In my 22 years, I’d never run into a man who turned me on more than I did him so this was interestingly new to me.

“The correct answer is (D). A simple random sample requires that every sample of size n (in this problem, n is equal to 400) have an equal chance of being selected. In this problem, there was a 100 percent chance that the sample would include 100 purchasers of each brand of car. There was zero percent chance that the sample would include, for example, 99 Ford buyers, 101 Honda buyers, 100 Toyota buyers, and 100 GM buyers. Thus, all possible samples of size 400 did not have an equal chance of being selected; so this cannot be a simple random sample.

The fact that each buyer in the sample was randomly sampled is a necessary condition for a simple random sample, but it is not sufficient. Similarly, the fact that each buyer in the sample had an equal chance of being selected is characteristic of a simple random sample, but it is not sufficient. The sampling method in this problem used random sampling and gave each buyer an equal chance of being selected; but the sampling method was actually stratified random sampling.

The fact that car buyers of every brand were equally represented in the sample is irrelevant to whether the sampling method was simple random sampling. Similarly, the fact that population consisted of buyers of different car brands is irrelevant.” – “You are correct!”

“Mister Williams, does this mean I get a B in your class.” – “I have somewhere I need to be. You’ll have to leave and I’ll let you know in the morning.”

“Okay sir, thanks for the opportunity.” As he pointed to his door, I gathered my things and headed out. I turned around and just so happened to notice him adjusting himself with his strong hands as if to realize that his arousal had not gone unnoticed, but that composure and etiquette still needed to be maintained.

As I neared the middle of the hallway almost to the front door he yelled, “Angela wait! It’s not safe for you to walk out alone, especially since you don’t have a cell phone with you. I am parked in the faculty parking lot near your dorm. I’ll walk you over there.”

He jogged to catch up to the mean switch I’d presented to him in these form-fitting Vickie’s I’d been wearing. He held open the door for me as I walked through the door.

I had to touch it! I brushed against him with my opened hand before apologizing so insincerely. Damn, it was firm and thick from what I could tell. I would have fucked the stiffness right out of him right in the School of Business hallway if he didn’t already have someplace to be. Obviously not inside me…

We briefly spoke, small talk mostly, as we crossed an almost barren campus. I guess that made sense due to the fact that it was Halloween weekend.

We reached my dorm where I asked him if he’d minded walking me upstairs. The small talk must have loosened him up a little because he agreed without the normal rebuttal I expected to receive.

I opened my dorm room door to be greeted by the pleasant surprise that my roommates were nowhere to be found.

“Oh my God! I think we’ve been robbed!” Mister Williams pushed me out-of-the-way an entered the room.

For once it was perfect that my two sloppy roommates failed to clean up their sides of the room.

As soon as he stepped in, but before he could voice his displeasure with such a juvenile plan to seduce him, he turned and with a face of anger, grabbed my arms in his strong hands, and pushed me against the door causing it to slam shut and causing a chill to run down my spine.

“What in the hell is your problem? “He yelled. “You cry wolf and expect me not to be upset. Girls like you bother me. You think that your beauty will get you everywhere and you never apply yourselves…What would you have done ha-…?”

Directly in the middle of his tirade I reached inside his jogging pants and grabbed his solid and warm to the touch shaft. I was tired of playing this game with him and it was now or never. He was within my control…He should have been more careful, but I am sooo glad he had failed to wear any underwear at all. He was mine…

In an ironic twist, he grabbed my arms even harder as he looked dead into my eyes and visually brought down my second climax that felt doubly as powerful as the first. I’d never known that the “rough” side of sex would feel so amazing and he’d not even penetrated me yet…(I was optimistic)

As he stared at me he leaned down to kiss my anxiously waiting lips while at the same time I released the drawstring to his jogging pants causing them to fall completely to the floor. He leaned forward and pressed himself against me as if to let my pussy know that while she’d won the initial battle that the war was far from over.

By then her moisture had made its way to my jogging pants revealing publicly my arousal as well. He immediately reached down as if to realize that I’d just cum again and grabbed my crotch with his hand while using his other hand to secure my arm tightly behind my back.

His lips felt exactly how my mind thought they would. Soft yet firm and moist. He was a phenomenal kisser and his tongue and lips dominated mine with his experience and confidence.

My 22-year-old pussy, which had been ready for anything, was pulsating from the anticipation.

With my arm still behind my back he used his cum moistened hand to tear my wife beater down the middle, revealing the bra which I’d never put on to cover my hard and sore nipples, from being so hard.

Using his teeth, he forcefully ripped my tank top even more revealing my breasts as he began to lick and suck them to excruciating arousal and length. His lips detailed every inch of my chest seemingly reading every nerve like a blind person reads Braille.

He worked his way down the center of my chest to my stomach and naval where each kiss from his warm lips took eroticism to the next levels of pleasure.

Finally to my waistline, he snatched my pants to the ground revealing cum stained boy shorts which didn’t stand a chance as he ripped them down the sides and away from my body. At that moment I realized how strong he was. He hoisted me, panty and pantsless, to his strong shoulders where his tongue spun circles around my pearl tongue ending each rotation with a suck drove my sexual senses to their limits.

Five minutes of his superior oral know-how had me, for the first time ever, squirting on his lips and chin. I felt helpless, but had to somehow regain my composure.

I used my body weight on his shoulders to force him onto his back where I rode his gyrating tongue a couple of strokes before turning myself around to swallow what I’d been staring at all evening.

I bent over and rested my stomach to his. I put his head inside my mouth and began trying to take as much as I could into my warm mouth and throat. I moved up and down on it as if I was trying to conquer the last popsicle on earth.

I could barely concentrate as he was at the same time trying to bring me to orgasms number three and four.

I could feel his cum moving through his dick which confirmed my “good work.”

I could tell his orgasm was near. I kept going as I could tell he was working harder as well, but I was not going to fail and if he was about to get another face full of cum then so was I, except it was not going to be on my face, but in my mouth.

Just then I felt a blast of warm cum shoot from his dick into my mouth and I continued to suck until it got soft…But it never did!

He stayed as hard as a rock which completely threw me off. I’d never been with someone who could stay so hard after cumming.

I scooted myself forward as my plan to ride his thick long dick came into reality. I performed the best reverse cowgirl I could while wincing in pain as each stroke seemed to touch a different place inside of me. I felt like he was stabbing me, but the pleasure refused to let me stop moving.

“Oh Shit!” I started to cream and contract as I felt my body bracing for another climax. Right in the middle of a stroke which I knew was going to touch my spine, he somehow made it to his feet without missing a beat. I was in the air, being lifted by him, with my back to him and legs spread still mid-air riding his pole.

At that moment I could care less about what grade I was going to receive.

He fucked me standing up and walking over to my bed where he slowed his pace as we worked each other out of any clothing we were still wearing.

We fucked our way under the covers where he took position on top of me and I almost died from his length in that position. I was already imagining which emergency room he’d need to take me to…

That shit was deep and the slower pace allowed my vagina the gratification of sucking in each and every vein pulsing inch before applying every Kegel strengthened muscle in my pussy during my final orgasm before he bit down on my shoulder as he released himself onto my stomach that was moving rapidly up and down from the workout “she” and I had just received.

After lying together for a couple more moments, we both dozed off to sleep as he lay on my chest.

At about 6:00a the next morning we awoke to the sunlight creeping in through the partially covered windows.

I almost had a heart attack as I looked over and saw Kerri and Toya both sleeping in their beds, unsure of if they’d been aware of who was lying in my bed.

He quietly gathered his clothes and crept out of the room after kissing me on my lips one last time…

I threw my head back onto my pillow, reliving each and every sensation in my head. I still couldn’t believe what had happened.

Later on that afternoon I received a call from the front desk of my dorm indicating that I’d received a letter in the campus mailroom. I quickly made it downstairs to pick it up. After getting back to my room I opened it.

Hillman College

Office of Student Affairs


Gail Swanson

Academic Review Board


Angela McDaniel

325 Stiller Hall

Atlanta, GA 30328

Ms. McDaniel,

This letter is to inform you that due to an academic oversight your current semester’s Statistics 402 grade has been changed to reflect any corrections or adjustments necessary to accurately reflect your educational understanding.

Your final grade is a B.

This change has been implemented via the strong suggestion of professor Derrick Williams.


Gail A. Swanson

CC: Derrick Williams


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