Why would anyone want to buy you?


During my 10 year stretch working in the sales industry at Kay Jewelers, we were taught some excellent fundamentals on how to “sell” jewelry. One of the first concepts we had to learn was the application of selling “benefits” and “features.” At first you may be saying to yourself, “They are the same aren’t they?” but they are slightly different in their application. They are both dependent on each other in regards to sales. A good salesperson knows how to package them together and close a deal by effectively using them to hook someone.

A feature is what you have to offer. A benefit is an explanation of how the feature directly benefits the person you are selling to.

Example. Exceptional Fire and Brilliance are features of the Leo Diamond. When the light hits her diamond the superior sparkle will immediately tell her that you wanted her to have the best.

Now, how about applying that same concept to dating and relationships? Do you know what your features are? Do you know what the benefit of those features are?

Example. Having a sense of humor could be a feature of yours, while explaining that your sense of humor will be able to put a smile on your face after a frustrating day is a benefit of that feature.

When trying to figure out what you bring to the table and what you’re able to offer another party, you must know your “features” which many other people may have, as well as know how your features can “benefit” the person that you want to invest time and emotions into you.

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