Even Usain Bolt can’t outrun emotion. Can you?

A friend and I recently had a debate about a human’s ability to outrun emotions/attraction when involved with (not necessarily committed to) someone.

He is actively dating, but trying to avoid succombing to a natural attraction to a woman who seems to be (running game or not) intent on “catching” him. He doesn’t think committing to her right now is fair to him or her due to some emotional healing that needs to take place in him first, but also can’t help but “love” being around her (sexually and non-sexually). She’s even started doing “relationship things” like calling or texting to check-in even when he has never asked her to do so and he likes that feeling while at the same time refusing to give her any wind of his positive view on her doing so as a way of almost policing himself…

Have you ever been able to outrun mutual attraction? I don’t mean just put up a wall and hope they go away, but after that wall is up, just turn off your feelings/emotions/attractions?

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