Curse you emotional and physical cheaters! Can’t you help it, lol?

Forget the promises people make, is it reasonable to expect a person to suppress completely, any emotional or physical desires (and often following actions) for anyone else but you? Additionally, Why do we seek to commit to others or have them commit to us when nature’s call has historically overridden many a promise made?

With mankind being such an emotional and physical species, using sex not just for procreation, but also for pleasure, are we being rational to expect those needs to only be met by one other person just because they said vows, promised to do so, engaged you, or pinky swore that they would never?

Think about it for a moment…You get emotionally or physically cheated on and find out. What are you the most upset about? The act itself. The lies or deceit surrounding it? I guess it depends on your situation.

Growing up I only knew of stories where men with wives and children cheated, risking the entire family structure, but as of recently I have noticed that females are doing the same things in relationships. They are cheating and lying with the best of them and not so shy about getting caught either, but are more than happy to have whatever needs they desire or want met, satisfied by someone other than their mate.

That leads me to my point…Why would a person risk so much (family, mate they love, or both) in pursuit of Emotional or Physical satisfaction from another? Is it really that they do not care? Were they trying to be vindictive? Were they missing something at home? Who knows, but the end result is still the same. Does that somehow indicate the importance or value of their mate? Is the mate some throw away that wasn’t valued as highly as the person that your mate cheated with?

It seems as though we have gone through life and grown up relying on the theory that if someone loves us enough, cares about us enough, buys us enough flowers, gives us enough back massages, flatters our parents enough, bends over backwards to please us enough, or simply promises us that they emotionally nor physically want anyone, but us. Meaning that whatever desires they have for the opposite sex, in general or specific individuals will cease to exist or that at the very least they will NEVER act on it.

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