The Strongest and Weakest Organs.

I was just watching a low-budget movie about Pig Hunters just a moment ago. The thought-provoking portion of the movie was near the end when the savage, half ton, pig beast thing had to be killed. The much weaker and less than super natural human beings shot, cut, stabbed, and even yelled profanities at it, but nothing stopped this beast or even weakened it until they attacked the Head/Brain.

That was significant due to the fact that they had attacked the body, but made no real progress in killing the beast until the Mind was attacked.

In many movies I’ve grown up watching, there always seemed to be significance placed on overcoming an over sized opponent by aiming for the Mind or the Heart where even the strongest person was not strongest or immune enough to withstand.

You must constantly work everyday to understand and strengthen both your heart and mind for your sake and the sake of your offspring…

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