The Math Behind Chemistry

How do YOU define Chemistry, in regards to relationships?

I see it as an almost instantaneous combustion of thoughts, mixed with feelings, mixed with emotions, all expressed through noticeable and hidden physical reactions.

It can sometimes happen due to something a person does to spark that chemical reaction. Other times a person can do absolutely nothing, but you still find yourself attracted, intrigued, mystified, and curious.

When is the last time you felt Chemistry and how did it happen? Do you remember or did it just happen?

I asked myself a question just the other day, if Chemistry is so relative to each person as well as very difficult to even put words to, then could a person manufacture Chemistry. Is there an equation to it that works every time? No.

I believe that natural chemistry is as strong as manufactured chemistry, but lasts much longer simply because it is natural and just IS.

I thought about the movie Hitch.

In the movie Hitch, which I am sure has mixed reviews due to the natural and sometimes “assisted” chemistry, Alex Hitchens analyzed women that were the object of affection for men that either did not know how to approach and engage women, or did know, but wanted to be greedy. With Alex’s assistance, women seemed to fall for the men they were being pursued by due to the perceived compatibility, attraction, and overall genuine interest which we already know just plain feels good.

Love can sometimes be elusive. Like can sometimes be brief. Lust can most times be complicated, but Chemistry just is and is many times unexplainable.

Bask in it. Be inquisitive, but try not to ask too much. Stare into their eyes and enjoy it. Kiss long and often. Hug tightly.

Chemistry, just like most things in life, can change in the blink of an eye, so live in the moment and let the moment bring you alive.

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