No Cuffs.

Derrick sat uncomfortably reclined in his 2011 triple white Volkswagen Phaeton’s caramel colored Coach leather seats. He sat mentally perplexed, but fully aware of the glaring reality that at 12 midnight Lauren had not contacted him all day, and that wasn’t like her or so he thought. Knowing full well that his growing irritation may have been brought on by his ever-growing “male ego,” he still continued to stare at his BlackBerry Torch as if to will a text or call from her into existence.

After about three minutes of what seemed like hours, he accepted the seemingly obvious…she was not going to contact him that evening. This was a total surprise to him, but quite possibly for all of the wrong reasons. Two days prior to that evening, Derrick ordered and had delivered one of the most expensive and beautiful bouquets Lauren had ever seen. It gained so much attention that even her CEO, Jessica, took time out of her normally hectic schedule to mention that someone must really be into her.

Lauren loved that type of thing because Derrick always paid attention to her; although he didn’t always “act right,” he did some things good and others great.

Returning phone calls and text messages on time, Derrick normally did a decent job at doing. Knowing just how she needed him to sit directly behind her in the bubble bath filled garden tub, legs spread with his dick already uncomfortably long, hard, and pulsating, positioned directly in between her legs and directly touching the tip of her clitoris, so that she could slide back and forth on it until reaching orgasm like her personal Sybian machine, he was great at.

Showing up on time was a skill that Derrick made little to no effort perfecting, but on the occasional chance he had the audacity to arrive on time, he did make sure that he left Lauren satisfied mentally and sexually, but not always emotionally. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Derrick to cause Lauren to have orgasms so strong and back to back that she’d black out for minutes after each one, rendering her body almost paralyzed from the internal sensation.

Lauren had been diagnosed as a late teen with having overly sensitive nerves. At certain times, that biological contrariness was nothing more than an annoyance, but at others, Derrick so excellently proved otherwise.

He exuded a sexual confidence so arousing that she could almost orgasm from the thought alone. She fell in love with his ability to make her climax from something as simple as a kiss. As rare as that may be, Lauren remembered the first time it happened.

Although they had already had sex, good sex, actually great sex multiple times prior to that day, she was completely unaware of the physical sensation he was, at the time, about to give her.

One summer afternoon, Lauren and Derrick found themselves in between the fourth and fifth floors of the Marriott hotel. They’d just left the wedding of one of Lauren’s closest friends, Angela. They were both very attractively dressed and slightly inebriated from the champagne and wine they’d been sipping on for the last couple of hours.

Out of nowhere, Derrick pressed the Stop button on the elevator console bringing them to an abrupt stop, and stood directly in front of Lauren. She stared intensely into his beautiful tan eyes shielded by his unusually long, but attractive eye lashes as they seemed to soak up her every thought and desire. He stepped a foot closer to her, now pressing himself against her inviting body. She felt the swollen and curved imprint of his large missile, which she so anticipated exploding deeply inside her after a passionate night of love-making.

She tried her very best to maintain her apprehensive disposition, but grew weak from his overpowering persistence and masculine, yet soft fragrance. At that point, she accidentally dropped her sexual uncertainty as well as her arms, and waited for his next move of sexual seduction.

He then wrapped his strong arms around her waist, grasping both of her wrists on the way around. He restrained her hands behind her back with his strong and rough, yet soft hands. As he pressed his chest against hers, he could feel her increasingly aroused nipples starting to press against the thin see-through fabric of her blouse.

With her hands bound behind her back, he tightened his grip on her wrists and kissed her. He started with closed lips then proceeded to part her lips using his own. When they were at just the right space apart, he began to penetrate her wet lips with his stiff, yet soft tongue. In a very romantically sensual way, he began to fuck her mouth with his tongue tasting her as she sporadically moaned his name.

After about three minutes of her trying to break free from his grasp so that she could embrace him, all the struggling and passionate kissing sent a tingle down her throat and through both of her lungs which were now fully expanded. She took a deep breath and sucked him all the way into her stomach and exhaled an orgasm so strong and hip-shattering that she froze for a moment to let the tremors pass through her vaginal opening and down to her toes, before looking up long enough to notice the elderly couple that had been standing next to her and Derrick, seemingly lifeless while staring at their passionate exchange of events.

She was not only embarrassed, but also very much relieved at the moment. He opened her…mind, which was something she had never had a man do.

Buzz! (Incoming text message)

An ear-to-ear smile attached itself to Derrick’s face as he clearly assumed that Lauren had realized the error of her ways and was contacting him to express her undying love for him coupled with an apology for taking so long to contact him in the first place. Smiling was not something that Derrick usually risked doing especially in public. His father had always taught him that a smile was a sign of weakness, and Derrick was definitely becoming weaker for Lauren by the day.

“Freaky Finessa” is what the name on the text message read. Freaky Finessa was Derrick’s nickname for Vanessa Thomas. She was a beautiful, half Black and half Latino woman in her mid 30’s. She was an account executive for a major accounting firm in the area. She was as sharp as a razor blade, and in more ways than a lot, she stimulated Derrick on a regular basis.

Could that be what drew him to and from her all at the same time?

Derrick pretty much had his pick of the litter when it came to dating. He was a 33-year-old bachelor making a not so modest wage of $2,300 per week. He lived in a 3,500 square foot home nestled near the heart of the city. That alone had been used 10 times out of nine to “get” women to part their legs for him. He had custom designed the home to have the master bedroom overlook the 250 foot lake in his backyard, which he shared with only four other homes. At night, Vanessa could be heard for miles as Derrick penetrated her tight waterway from every angle her legs would allow with the doors to the master bedroom patio wide open for the neighborhood to hear and cringe in jealousy.

With Vanessa, it was always addictively passionate on all levels, but very soon after the passion came the distance. Vanessa was always very clingy, even from the beginning of their “relationship.” She was always asking Derrick’s where-a-bouts and why he didn’t call when he said that he was going to, or why he was showing up late when he’d promised to be there at a certain time. It didn’t take long before Derrick grew weary of the child-like tabs that Vanessa was accustomed to keeping on him, and instead of explaining this to her as an adult, just began to appease her by lying to her and avoiding her when her temper flared up as a reaction to one or more of his tall tales.

That clearly counterproductive communication and resulting actions were exactly what he grew up watching his father do to his mother and how it made her feel. He hated his father for that, but as most little boys do, still adored him and found himself mirroring his every relationship move.

Derrick was carefully sliced from a hustler’s cloth. His father, David “Smooth” Sanders was the proprietor of Sander’s Fresh Markets. This was one of the areas first and only black-owned high-end grocery stores. There were three in total, running at an extremely successful pace. He was well-known in the community as a trail blazing smooth talker that usually got what he wanted and when he didn’t, he didn’t want it anyway. 

Smooth was known as a smooth operator, fathering children all over the Baltimore area. Smooth and Darlene, Derrick’s mother, had separated a few years ago after trying their best or not so much to work things out between them. Derrick was the oldest of their three children, Terrence and La’Shawn. Most people in the city knew that Derrick was a chip right off the old block. Derrick ran the streets and used every bit of his father’s fame and fortune to attract some of the most beautiful women in the city. Derrick was sharper than his father and much more ambitious, but at the same time, much less mature. 

Derrick was the General Manager over all three store locations. He was normally not described as a great or even good GM, but he was savvy and driven when it counted, assisting his father in multiple marketing opportunities that would have otherwise been out of his father’s reach.

During an annual “Sander’s Sun Day” picnic, is when Derrick found himself frozen in his tracks at the sight of Lauren who was 26 at the time. She approached the raffle sign-in table with Tiffany and Tarica. Those names quickly lost value as soon as Lauren opened her full and perfectly glossed lips, reaching out her hand to greet Derrick, “My name is Lauren, and I am really enjoying your family’s picnic. I’ve been attending these since my college days and they have, since then, become a family tradition of ours to attend.”

“Well Lauren, I’m glad you were able to come out today; it’s been a pretty day all day long, and your smile just made it a little prettier. Make sure you don’t go too far away; I’d hate for you to miss the raffle.”

Lauren walked away with her friends, nearly trampling two children standing behind her as she stared deeply into Derrick’s eyes that were peering right back at her. He stared so deeply into Lauren which for that brief period of time was enough of a distraction to render him completely unaware of his father’s call.

“Derrick! Derrick, what are you doing? I been calling you, and your befuddled ass totally missed the fact that you are handing out the wrong damn tickets!”

“Sorry, pop! I was just…” “Of course you were, just bring your 32-year-old ass over here so that we can set up the volleyball net that your mother just dropped off.”

While clearly immature at times, one thing that was an undeniable characteristic of Derrick was that he loved money, success, and most of all women, which he often chased, snared, and conquered with such ease and inconsideration that he often left grief-stricken and broken-hearted young women in the wake of his passionate storm. The well-known fact around town truly disappointed his mother, whom he was still very close to. Ironically, every female’s heart that he’d ever broken reminded him of the same pain that he saw in her eyes when his father had broken his mother’s heart multiple times.

What made Derrick so defiantly detached from that emotional misfortune that he’d seen his father cause his mother? He’d never talked about it with either of them, believing that ignorance was the better option in an attempt to block it from his, at the time, young and impressionable mind. Either way, whether he had planned it or not, he was barreling down his father’s path of destruction.

“I want to come over.” That was the “booty call” phrase that Vanessa, among Derrick’s other slew of women used, when texting him for nights, mornings, and even afternoons of sexual pleasure. Even without having so much as an intellectual conversation with some of them, Derrick was a master of the female body.  Derrick was 5 feet 10 inches tall and about 185lbs. His personal trainer made sure that he was built like a Greek statue from head to foot.  He knew what to say and when to say it. More importantly, he knew how. He was a spontaneous gentleman that often became the highlight of a woman’s day. That’s actually what drew the then two years his senior, Vanessa, to him like a magnet.

The first time that Vanessa and Derrick met was under the flickering dim lights, generated fog, and Mary J. Blige’s My Life at The Catastrophic Event. TCE was an up and coming urban night club which Smooth and another gentleman owned.

From 20 feet away, Derrick approached Vanessa like a singled-out gazelle on the plains of an African horizon. He slowly walked straight up to her and said, without pause, “I do mean to interrupt you and your friends; so, I won’t lie to you say that I don’t. They can experience your beautiful smile on a much more consistent basis, and if you feel comfortable by the end of this brief interruption, I would love to exchange numbers so that I may have the chance to see it again.” At 25 years of age, Derrick was as much fearless as he was calculated. That was a lethal combination of skills that was the initial poison that penetrated Vanessa’s beautiful dark blue eyes and from that evening forth, her blood stream as well. Vanessa was very impressed by his complete perception, and has indulged in its pleasure for the past two years.

That has been a perception-filled and rollercoaster ride of a two-year span. Derrick had quickly grown tired of Vanessa after only a couple of months of passionate sex, conversation, and time spent together. That was emotional murder to Vanessa who entertained other men at times, but only to pacify her when Derrick was in one of his “distant” moods.

Derrick was perfect for drawing a person in, but was equally perfect at distancing himself from them when the flame weakly flickered and died. 

While still sitting in his car, he was mentally riddled with the question that many men had contemplated and at the same time feared or were emotional unequipped to ask.

“Is Lauren doing the same things that I am?”

Lauren was an interestingly different woman compared to Derrick’s harem he’d meticulously built over the past couple of years. She was raised by her father who at the time was very much a positive influence in her life. She adored her father and he adored her.

Even from a little girl he trained her to be a great woman, while everyone else demanded much less of her. For that, he never let her off the hook. While trying his best to understand her as a growing woman, he demanded the highest from her on all levels.

He was a local, struggling restaurant owner, so she spent many nights there doing homework after school and learning how to cook, manage money, wash dishes, problem solve, and when necessary, how to use excellent customer service skills. He loved her, and although her mother was not so in love with him anymore, he never let that stop him from raising her to be the greatest woman that she could be.

THAT is where Derrick took issue. While his mother was a very strong woman, Smooth was so busy doing his own thing that he had never taken the time to strengthen her, instead leaving her emotionally torn and weak from heartache.

He started to notice her differences by simply being who he was…When he would promise to call her, but didn’t, she would not try to avoid his phone calls or text messages when he did communicate with her, but like her father had taught her…She was always honest and true to herself first.

Whenever Derrick contacts her after the time she had promised her, she would answer the phone or text and politely ask him why he hadn’t at least had the common courtesy of letting her know that he was either busy, or would contact her at a later date. Whenever he would respond with one of his fabricated and text-book responses, she would kindly ask him to let her know if plans are going to change in advance of the time, and if he cannot do that, then it’s quite possible that she wasn’t dealing with a man mature enough to interact positively with her.

Derrick was floored, not because she’d said it, but because after her second time having to say it, they literally never spoke or texted again for a whole month. That was not because he hadn’t tried, but Lauren’s father had taught her that the only way a person could treat you less than your value was if you let them.

Reflecting on the one year span of his parallel relationship with Lauren, he suddenly realized an important fact, but needed more conformation.

He decided to take a drive over to Lauren’s place and talk to her. During the whole 20-minute drive to her place, he asked himself a very important question that he’d never contemplated before. What were his true feelings for Vanessa and Lauren? That was an answer that he honestly had never realized until now.

He arrived at Lauren’s front door and rang it, completely unaware of whether or not she was even there. After a couple of minutes, she answered the door wearing only a see through robe revealing her five foot four-inch frame; French manicured nails and toes; hair in a pony tail; vagina bikini waxed pointing like an arrow directly to the tip of her clitoris, and nipples hard and surrounded by darkened areolae.

Turned on? Yes, he was. Hearing it?  No, she wasn’t. Sadly, he had mistakenly assumed that her smile meant that he could walk right in, fuck her crazy, and go on about his business, but tonight was not the night. He stepped towards the door, placing his hand on the knob to push it open, not noticing that the chain was still on the door.

“Lauren, stop playing and open the door!”

“Derrick, if you know anything about me, you know that playing is something I don’t do, but that is the least of the things you seem to not pay much attention to. Hold on just a minute!”

She walked away from the door, returning a couple of minutes later. “Where the fuck did you go?” “I went to get this…” She handed him a Magnum condom through the door. “You wanna fuck right? Well put this on.”

What in the hell was going on? Once again, she had thrown him for a loop, but in his typical underestimation of the female gender, his ego once again began to take over and he smiled the, “I’m going to fuck you as soon as I get into the house,” look. He pulled out his already hard and long dick that he’d been slowly rubbing in the car, and placed the Magnum on it, holding it as if to say, “I’m ready!”

She removed the chain from the door and stepped out onto the dimly lit porch. She kissed and hugged him passionately as if to clear him of all of the bullshit games he’d played with her. As she kissed him, she used her free hands to jack him off until he could barely take it anymore. She sat him down in the thick cushioned patio chairs, squatted directly above his dick, as he stared with anticipation of the feeling of her vagina lips parting to welcome him into her hallway.

After only whispering the words, “I love you” into his ears, she dropped her wet, tight, and waiting pussy lips onto him, gripping his back as she orgasmed from the initial entry. She slowly swallowed his every thick inch inside her wet, warm place. That night, she rode Derrick as if it was the last time she’d see him. She turned around and rode him in reverse, because she loved how his curve ball hit her strike zone stroke after stroke until she squirted down his dick and into his lap.

She rose up off of him, leaned over the rail, and looked back at him, indicating her invitation to come and finish what she’d started. Without hesitation he stood up, pants at his ankles and stuck his dick into her as she moaned from the vaginal adjustment. He went to work from behind her grabbing her shoulders and giving her a deep-tissue massage as he gave her vagina just as deep a massage from the pulsating ridges of each and every spine-tapping stroke.

When he got to a point that he could no longer resist the feeling of explosion, she felt him, turned around and snatched the condom off of his dick as she let him release his warm creamy fluid all over her erect nipples.

“Whew…Lauren, I’m not sure where that came from, but damn…”

While usually in a very responsive mood, Lauren had not yet responded to his compliment. She wiped herself off with a towel she’d brought with her as she stared right into those beautiful tan eyes and long eyelashes and said without hesitation “You have to go now…”

“What? Are you serious?” “Yes, Derrick, you have to go.” “Lauren, why do I have to leave?”

“Baby, you have to leave because you’re not ready yet. You’re not ready for what I have to offer, and you are not ready to live up to my expectations. Until then, we will just remain associates, because even a friend knows that love is an action word and as much as I love you, I love myself more.

I will never handcuff you and drag you into a relationship; I want you to find so much emotional, mental, and physical stimulation in me that you CHOOSE to commit to me, but like my father always taught me, when a man is ready, you’ll never have to question his sincerity.”


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