Hate Valentine’s Day? Read this…

Just because you disagree with the blatant importance placed on today, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can just skip it, even if he or she tells you it’s okay. This is a test and should not be taken lightly. What they are really saying is that I wonder how creative this person will be. Will they write me a letter or give me a hand written card, that cost nothing but time, or go will they go all out and get us a room at the Ritz Carlton. Whatever the test, it is way too easy to be thoughtful in 2011.

Yes, despite what she say’s, you ARE competing with his/her friends, family, and coworkers, as well as the “all-powerful” media. don’t make it a bigger challenge than what it needs to be.

Do something SIMPLE and THOUGHTFUL and rest easy knowing that you did it for your mate and that it made them feel appreciated, loved, or liked for the next 24 hours, or so.

Then you can hate Valentine’s Day all over again, tomorrow! *wink*

If you need any quick ideas, see “Creativity by Design.”

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