The Last 24 Hours in Black and White

8:00am on Saturday Morning

I just woke up next to our white security guard, Jason, and didn’t mind at all. I felt free and satisfied.

7:00am on Saturday Morning

“Don’t knock it until you try it!” He destroyed every preconceived notion I’d ever had about him or white men in general. He beat me every which way our bodies could turn.

He held me, kissed me, touched me, and tasted me.

I was a changed woman, but was I a whore? Was I fast? Was I going to be labeled?

6:00am on Saturday Morning

After a Round Robin of sexually explicit acts, he led me, and I followed, willingly. He firmly placed my hand around his already hard dick. Ladies it was “nice”, thick, and long enough to make me want to slide right down on it with no hesitation, I almost couldn’t wait for him to put the condom on before I was pushing him back on the couch to ride this white boy cock, lol.

5:00am on Saturday Morning

I take a shower and come back out to the living room dry and wet at the same time, if you get my meaning. I know that my cheerleading sized blue shorts were just cruel, but hey, it’s my home so I should feel comfortable in what I wear, no matter who is there, right?

“Erica, Uh, nice shorts, but what did you spill on them?”

Immediately embarrassed, thinking that I am leaking, I look down at my shorts and there’s nothing on my damn shorts. Before I could fix my mouth to laugh, his fingers were deep inside me as I simultaneously dropped the blanket and pillow at my feet.

I was about to cum already as I muttered the words, “Jason, what are you doing?” as he continued to bring down my first orgasm, I braced myself by holding his shoulders.

4:00am on Saturday Morning

Now in my house, only to use the restroom and get a glass of water, I hang up my coat and sit at the table waiting for him to come out.

“Jason, you don’t have to go home if you don’t want to. I can get you a blanket and pillow for the couch if you want.”

Obviously, catching my drift, he mentions his likelihood of making it home safety is very low, so he’d not mind the couch at all.

3:00am on Saturday Morning

“He’s only following me home for safety! He’s only following me home for safety! He’s only following me home for safety!” I’ve heard that if you say something three straight times, you may just believe it.

2:00am on Saturday Morning

Now a little, actually a lot tipsy, I am still sitting in my seat, “hearing” the other performers, but hearing was the only thing happening. I was still replaying every word of Jason’s performance.

“Ma’am, the gentleman at the bar sent this drink over to you.”

I look up and notice Jason waving at me from the bar. “Okay, WTF was I supposed to do now?” I trust my instincts and motion for him to come over and join me.

“That was a great performance, Jason!” “Thanks Erica, I do that on occasion.”

“Well I would love for you to do that to me, occasion.” I hope I didn’t just say that aloud or maybe I really did. “Wow Erica, I never expected that from you. You are so business like all the time, I didn’t think you even thought about sex. Now that I know you do, I don’t have to feel so bad about the fantasies I have about you. Since we’re both being “open” tonight.”

1:00am on Saturday Morning

I’m still taking all of this in so just give me a moment. “Whew.”

12:00am on Saturday Morning

“Next on stage we have a Tell Them About It TV regular, Jason “Silk Sounds” Christian, performing “Six Scene Stop.”

I almost spit out my drink. That was Jason from my job. He was about to do spoken word?!?! I have to see this. I felt like a little girl waiting for her date to come and pick her up for a Winter Formal dance.

“Scene 1

I’m on my knees at the edge of the bed holding your legs open as far as they can go so that my tongue can slide in and out, unimpeded, in between tongue kisses, while my thumb massages your clitoris until you release “Orgasm Number One” right onto my lips.”

“Scene 2

As you try to slide your shivering body back towards the head board, I grab your ankles and pull you back towards me, standing up to get a better angle on your clit which, by now, is engorged and still pulsating from your initial orgasm. Thus, initiating “Orgasm Number Two.”

“Scene 3

After sucking your clit from the top as you lie on your back, I insert my fingers to perfectly touch your GSpot. I want you to squirt or cum trying. Circular motions and light, but detailed sucks of the tip of your clit, bring you, almost to orgasm number three, before flipping you over to suck your juices out from the back.”

“Scene 4

You never stood a chance especially since I’m a trained multitasker. As you squirmed and gyrated, trying to run away, yet towards my tongue at the same time, I demand you to rub your own clit while I tongue fuck you from behind, and use my warm-oiled finger tips to massage your nipples in such a way that I basically massage them to full length, like you massage my dick to full length when making love is what you want.

“Are you about to cum? Don’t answer that, I’ll find out for myself. I don’t trust your mouth, but your body can’t lie.””

“Scene 5

“Fuck that little attitude you had earlier! Are you still mad now?” You may be mad at me for not filling your prescription like I said I would, but my dick is filling your pussy like you knew it would. You were extremely irritated by the fact that I didn’t come home on time, but we are going to need new sheets if you cum on these sheets one more time. “Here’s $100 dollars for your hair, because you’ll need it after tonight.” I grabbed a fist full of hair like you disrespected my mother and tried to walk away, but before the pain could set in, the curve to my long highway, caused the pain to dissipate like vapor. Don’t worry about the sheets, just cum again, just one more time.”

“Scene 6

You look back and give me that look like, No matter how much cream is dripping down my legs, fuck you baby. I look back at you like, Don’t be like that, just fuck your baby. Trust me, grabbing for the sheets, head board, and pillows won’t save you right now, it’ll only mess up your nails, but in your typical, defiant fashion, you reach out to grab for it. With your body shaped like an upside down “T”, with your arms together and stretched straight out and your legs perpendicular to my dick, you make an orgasmically fatal mistake. You let me grab that waist, which you’d been trying to avoid, since that time at your mom’s house, when you screamed out, “Fuck!” as you came.

Don’t be alarmed, that’s just the head and first half, the rest of my dick will be sliding in shortly, but only when you’re ready, so take a deep breath from your chest and prepare your lower lips to deep throat my dick.

Besides, if she chokes the only thing she’ll spit up is cum.”

11:00pm on Friday Night

As I walk into the lounge, I hear fingers snapping and keys jingling as I take a seat in the back of the club. Right now on stage was Focus ATL. He was a spoken word artist from Atlanta, GA.

After ordering a couple of drinks and some food, I take in the ambiance of the low lights, incense smell, and candle lit illumination.

10:00pm on Friday Night

Finally out of the house and on my way downtown, I am feeling a little better and a little less aroused. I have my favorite stilettos on and I am ready to roll.

I know I sound excited, but inside, I’m a little anxious. I had never been out by myself before, especially to an event like this, so I was definitely unsure of what was to come.

9:00pm on Friday Night

Yes, I’m still getting dressed so sue me, lol!

8:00pm on Friday Night

After just finishing a wonderfully relaxing bubble bath, I seriously contemplate my evening’s agenda. I am not really in the mood for much, so I decide to pass on the spoken word event and just relax with a good book.

“Naughty or Nice,” by EJD was next to the bed so why not?

About 30 pages in and sitting Indian Style on my bed, I decided to go to the spoken word event after all. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why sitting Indian Style after four months of sexless nights, was a bad idea. (Legs are much too open in that position.)

7:00pm on Friday Evening

Now $65 poorer and on my way home, my phone starts to ring. I reached down to pick it up. “Shawn *do not answer.*” As much as I wanted to roll down the window and throw my phone as far as I could, I loved my CrackBerry so that wasn’t an option. I sent the call straight to voicemail. Don’t judge me, I know I need to clip that loose end, but damnit he has some good qualities and the sex was great, so give me some damn time, lol!

I turn back up one of my favorite songs, “Climax” by Usher. I had no clue of who I wanted the words in her song to be about, but I just knew that’s what I wanted to feel.

6:00pm on Friday Evening

“Erica, are you okay? You seem upset.” “Yes, Jason, I’m okay. Just had a long day and I’m ready to go home and relax, but that doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

“It’ll be okay, Erica. Your night may end up turning out more interesting than you think.” It was a little odd for him to say it that way, but I had no real reason to think anything of it. We had never really spoken before, so it was most likely the conversation, however brief, that caught my attention.

“Have a great night Jason!” is what I say, as I head back to the parking deck. Ironically enough, I was no longer upset, and even had the nerve to push out a smile.

5:00pm on Friday Evening

“What a day?” I am so happy to be walking through this parking deck to my car. I have decided on my initial plan of a bubble bath and Martini as soon as I get home, not marginalizing any spontaneous ideas that may come up.

“You have got to be kidding me!?!? Those cannot be my keys sitting on my car seat.” Without even a flinch, I start to feel tears welling up in my eyes. I was at my car earlier than normal, only to have flashes of getting home at 10p due to the traffic.

After pulling myself together and calling a mobile locksmith, I return to the lobby of the building, just so I could rest my feet until the locksmith guy came. Five inch heels are the devil after four hours, not to mention eight. *Sigh, the price of fashion*

4:00pm on Friday Afternoon

“Well ladies and gentleman, it’s time for this girl to leave!” I organized the rest of the resumes neatly on my desk, positioning them so that I’d know exactly where to find them on Mad House Monday’s.

I make my way to an expectedly crowded elevator, where we all pack inside like it’s the last elevator of the day. I try to prepare my mind for the weekend, amidst the chatter in the elevator of club nights, family events, and vacations.

I think to myself, “Erica, your time will come soon enough.”

3:00pm on Friday Afternoon

I already know and have prepared my mind to leave early today. My boss is gone already, and I’ll be following suit, besides, I put in 50+ hours per week on a light week.

I go through my next stack of blurry resumes at this point, because they are all starting to run together so it’s time to take a break. I head down to the lobby where the vending machines are. I have an undeniable taste for a Snickers right now. Chocolate will be the death of me one day, but until that day…

“Pardon me, would you happen to have change for a ten?” It was Jason, the white security guard. He was very handsome, but that wasn’t the point so I’ll stay focused. “Sure Jason.” “Thanks Erica, you have a great weekend, and you look really pretty today!”

Damnit, if that wasn’t exactly what I needed to hear today!

2:00pm on Friday Afternoon

Back to work I go. “Erica, you have a client on line two.” I answer the phone, “Hello, this is Erica Hampton, how can I help you?”

“Erica, this is Shawn, how have you been?” “Shawn, you have got to be kidding me!” *Click*

Shawn is my most recent ex and he has been trying to get us back together for months. We broke up because, despite popular belief, he is so insecure; I never had a chance to breathe without him wondering who in the fuck I was breathing about, lol!

Thank God that’s over, but obviously I am the only one getting the picture. “I so need a break!!!”

1:00pm on Friday Afternoon

“Yawn.” I just woke up from a 30 minute power nap that felt like eight full hours of sleep after a two hours sexcapade, but alas the latter part did not happen. “Ughhh, This sucks!” I unlock and pull out my locked desk drawer and select a new pair of panties. Somehow within that 30-minutes of mental vacation, I obviously ended up in the midst of a sexual fantasy that neither my mind or body were able to resist.

The power of the P-U-S-S-Y is not just for the fellas.

12:00pm on Friday Afternoon

“Erica, you coming to lunch, girl?” “I think I’ll pass today, I need to get some things done so that I don’t have to take any work home this weekend.” “Did I really mean that?” No. I was just in a no good mood. I was at a place in my life where I wanted more excitement. The same old people and the same old places was starting to bore me.

I pulled out my sandwich from the dorm room-sized refrigerator in my office, and began to take my first bite when an email popped up on my screen.  “Tell Them About It TV presents, “Another Night of Spoken Word.”” I had never been to that type of event, but I was definitely in the mood for something different and ironically enough, wanted to go alone.

11:00am on Friday Morning

I am out of the meeting, and now trying to determine my lunch options. I’m not sure what I have a taste for though. I am usually good for a chicken wrap. I am trying a new diet to shed some pounds before the end of summer. “Ring! Ring! Ring!” “Yes this is Erica…” After a 30-minute call from my sister about coming to see me for the weekend, I was finally able to get a little more work done.

Page after page, I scrolled through, in order to find the best pool of candidates. I let out a sigh of relief as I start to find more candidates that seem very qualified for the position. Just as I started to get the engines moving towards completing this project,  get a knock on the door. “Knock! Knock!”

10:00am on Friday Morning

“So, what are your status updates?” The Vice President of Marketing asks me and another coworker. My coworker takes the lead and goes first in his everlasting attempt to be the “boss” one day. As I patiently wait for my opportunity to give my updates, I feel a warm, moist sensation in between my thighs. “Ughhhh. I hate it when that happens around other people.” Four months of celibacy is very close to insanity for me. Now at 33 years old and halfway through my sexual peak, I don’t even need a reason to be aroused anymore. It just happens when it wants to happen. I’ve even gotten so familiar with myself that if I shift just the right way in my chair, I can generate enough friction and vibration to have an orgasm right where I sit, but it does take effort and concentration to pull off the “Orgasm by Chair.”

9:00am on Friday Morning

After returning to my desk from a short walk around the Marketing floor, I returned to my office and closed my door behind me, walked to the window, and just stared at the alluring and serene view of the city, from my office. That’s something I often did when trying to relax my mind.

I gazed down at all of the specs of people walking up and down the busy city streets. I wondered, who they were going to see, why they were going to see them, were they happy or sad. I’ve been called, “overly” analytical, but that’s who I am. An overly analytical, morally challenged (at times), professionally exposed, intelligent, independent, slightly reserved, friendly, and I’d say, attractive woman.

8:00am on Friday Morning

“Ughhhh! Another day at work!” Those are my first thoughts as I enter my office and close the door behind me. I take a seat at my desk and casually glance at the organized and highly stacked, job applications that I need to go through today. There’s so much riding on selecting the right candidate for the Marketing Internship that I could literally be doing this all day. This is not at all how I want to spend my last work day of the week, but here goes.

After about 45 minutes of meticulously deciphering college applicant resumes and applications, I get up to take a short break. I stretch my back as I scan my office, stopping at my office door where I think to myself, “I’ve worked hard my whole college and professional career and here I am, Manager of Marketing for Proctor & Gamble.”


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