5 Things Men Hate About Women by Tameka Jo and my response.

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5 Things Men Hate About Women

By Tameka Jo | February 3, 2011 | Sex & Relationships | 34 Comments

Breaking down the mental soundtrack playing inside the male cranium can be as equally mind-boggling as unscrambling a Nicki Minaj verse. There’s no denying it, the opposite sex is hard to read. But, a formal class on mind reading, instructing how to peel back the hull of the pea-sized brain cells of men shouldn’t be a prerequisite. Intuitive powers–yes—but head-ologists; women are not. While women may never put together all the distorted pieces to the male psyche, they do have the ability to decode a man’s language as if it were a page from Jay-Z’s autobiography.
Men are wired to tell women what they want to hear [insert a lie here] to obtain their desired goal, which is sex. Premature proclamations of love, forced compliments and false promises are all contrived to of play on females’ weaknesses and emotions. No true intentions involved. In all bluntness, men need women but can’t stand them,and are annoyed by their complexity.

Regardless of what men say, the following five things men hate about women speak louder than words. Dismiss the sweet nothings he whispers in your ear and read on to see how men really feel.

1. Men rhetorically abuse the words, “I love you.” They may even let, “I’m ready to settle down” slip from their mouths. The aforementioned player lines couldn’t be farther from the truth. Men have commitment phobia, thus, overzealous expectations and high demands of settling down go against every nerve in their body. Quoting Beyoncé’s “Put a Ring on it” guarantees you’ll never see him again.

2. Men may be down for a Tyler Perry movie night or popping in a chick flick at the crib with a convenient box of Kleenex on deck; but reality is, men hate over-the-top emotions. They don’t understand excessive crying and touchy feelings. Emotions spewing all over the place is an absolute turn off. In their minds, the issue is not that serious. They’d prefer you toughen up, have a sense of humor and not be so sensitive over the simplest things.

3. A man will so eloquently position his lips to utter, “I enjoy spending time with you.” When in actuality, men aren’t too fond of you being in their space for extended periods of time. Quality time to you equates clinginess to him. Smiley face text messages throughout the day and obnoxious 5 a.m. wake up calls are grounds for erasing and blocking your number from his BlackBerry for eternity.

4. Men often say, “It’s all about you.” Ha! So you thought. Sorry, ladies. It’s not. Men don’t order from the Burger King mentality; you can’t have it your way all the time. They loathe self-centeredness, and any sign of narcissism scares them off. Women think the world revolves around them. Men believe the world revolves around sex!

5. It doesn’t matter how many times, “Your girls are cool; I don’t know them well enough to dislike them” rolls off men’s tongues, they despise your female friends and cringe at the constant cackling when you all get together. Blabbing personal details about your relationship to your home girls while consulting them for advice is another male pet peeve, especially if she’s single.

Men and women will probably never settle their gender disputes, as long as the earth shall exist, but life wouldn’t be as interesting without the ongoing battle of the sexes. Males and females aren’t built to think the same; on the other hand, it would behoove females to be more conscious of the male mindset. However, it’s not recommended women dumb down their brain power to the capacity of thinking like one.

Written by Tameka Jo @Fly_Scribe

My thoughts and reply was as follows:

Excusing the gender generalizations and bitter tone, my thoughts are as follows.

1. Not all men abuse the phrase, “I love you,”and some men actually do want to settle down. The lack of finding something or experiencing it for yourself, does not remove its existence to the rest of the world. To call them, “player lines” would mean that every man who says them is a player or trying to be one. If that is not true, then the statement cannot be true.

As far as commitment phobia, I would agree that the thought of a being with a “single black, white, red, or yellow female” for the rest of your life, can prove intimidating and restrictive for some men, but certainly not all.

Quoting anyone else’s songs for applicable use in your own relationship, should only be applied if you thoroughly understand the context of the song when it was written, as well as see a direct correlation to your own relationship situation. I am sure that many women misapplied that song, and did wind up wondering why he backed off, but just as important, are the number of women that have been the girlfriend for 5, 10, 15 years and have no clue if the goal of marital bliss is coming their way or not this lifetime.

2. I would agree with you here. Men in general may be able to understand, but usually don’t agree with that type of drama. We tend to have our own drama that usually revolves around the male ego. The slippery slope here, is telling a woman that something she’s feeling emotional, sentimental, or touchy about is “simple.”

3. This needs to be qualified by two things. One being “excessive.” Overdoing anything is usually not advised. Men do enjoy spending “quality” time with their significant other, BUT quality should be clearly defined for each couple. All things being equal, this subject is very relative to each couple, what they consider quality, and how often they experience that quality.

4. I’m sure there are men saying this, but any male or female hearing this, should take caution, because that phrase screams of codependence. Oh, and just to add, men think the world revolves around sex and MONEY. Sex for obvious reasons and money, because that will bring you sex, lol!

5. As far as female friends go, most men don’t like the drama that it brings, IF the “friends” seem to always stir up too much drama. Now the friends that make you a better woman are welcomed by men or at the very least, don’t create tension between he and them. Also, I’d like to add, that receiving advice from a third grader is useful, IF it’s good advice. Some advice from married people can be bad.

What do you think?

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