Right Effort, Wrong Time

“Wow!” The last 15 seconds of this clip really had me at the edge of my seat. He McGrady was poised and accurate. He had the heart to win and played like it. This went down as one of the greatest comebacks wins in NBA history.

BUT, what would have been your feelings if he had missed the shot? If he’d worked so hard to bring the team back, but still lost in the fourth quarter.

Many professional sports have the game broken up into sections. In baseball you have Innings (9 Total). In basketball and football you have quarters (4 Total). In soccer you have halves (2 Total).

These defined breaks in the game were intended to allow the players a predetermined time period to rest. This also allowed the patrons to take a break and with growing significance of marketing, it allows an opportunity for businesses to advertise their goods and services.

Bare with me, I’m getting there, ever closer to my point.

I can guarantee that one of the first comments to be said, in regards to the play of the team that loses in the fourth quarter is, “Too little, Too late.”

Let’s examine that for a moment.

Too little? How could it be considered too little with all the effort he gave for his team to win? He worked hard on offense and defense to produce the effort needed to win.

The key to the entire phrase is the latter part.

Too late. This indicates that all the effort that had been shown, came at the wrong time. It came too late in the game to recover from the deficit that had been created.

We have finally reached my point! (Crowd roars with excitement and anticipation!)

Relationships are no different. You need to give your “fourth quarter effort,” every single quarter so that you win the game and destroy the competition.

Do what you are capable of doing NOW so that the buzzer doesn’t sound on your relationship and you are still two points shy of the win, but now the GAME IS OVER!


  1. Hm! And Nate knows how to read mail too!

    …And what do you say about “too little, too late” but, “That’s just unfortunate!”
    And was unnecessary.


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