Learn How to See Right Through Someone

Disclaimer: I am in no way stating my opinion on N. Minaj or her music! 🙂

That being said, this particular song, did catch my interest. While truly being appreciative of a musical composition with an appealing beat, this song’s lyrics are what attracted me to it.

The song explains all of the different things her significant other knows about her, some things she hadn’t even realized about herself. In a portion of the chorus, she asks, “How do you do that ish?”

That got me to thinking. I wonder how many times you’ve run into someone who seems to learn a lot about you in such a short period of time. Not only that, it seems as though they understand you better than you understand yourself. Additionally, how many times have you been like the individual described in the song? You paid your significant other so much attention, that you knew them inside and out and front to back. You seemed to understand every angle of their communication, physical wants and needs, and emotions.

How did they accomplish this? How did you accomplish this?

Did they use witchcraft to perform some spell on you, rendering your every want and need visible to them? Did you read their palm during a night of drinking, when they were more susceptible to leaving their palm open and unguarded? Did they go to a psychic, toting only a notepad, mini tape recorder, and Easter outfit from the first grade, in order to allow the medium a chance to connect with you?

It’s possible, but I highly doubt it and I have 3 ways that I believe one can inevitably accomplish the ability to “see through” a person.

  1. Pay Attention to Everything. Have you ever gone to a park and just sat and looked? I don’t mean look at just one thing, but literally took in everything from the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees to the children and adults playing and interacting with each other to the smells and different types of animals interacting with each other in the park. It almost feels as though you have insight that no one else does. You feel as though you’ve “connected” and understand much better than before.Without making it awkwardly obvious, spend one week watching and observing your mate. Watch their every move and listening to their every word. As well as you believe you already know them, something tells me that you’ll pick up on something new just by looking again.
  2. Communicate Transparently. Have you ever answered someone’s question in a less than complete, honest, or thorough way? This can be one of the greatest difficulties in learning someone. The reason is that 90% of an answer still leaves 10% to open interpretation, which we know by now is called Assumption. Assumption is a 50-50 science. Many times you can be dead on and many times you can be dead wrong.When someone asks you a question, answer it completely and thoroughly. Pay Attention. If you think you’ve just said something that they don’t understand, asking them if they see what you’re saying is a great way to confirm and inevitably remove confusion.
  3. Use the Information You’ve Gathered and Execute. This is the MOST important piece of the goal of mind reading or the appearance of it. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple. You arrive at the doctor’s office and when they asked what was wrong, you answer them completely and thoroughly, they write down everything as well as ask you a couple of questions of their own. You then ask, “So doc, what do we do now?” and he responds, “Nothing, I just wanted to get the information, but I don’t plan on providing a solution to your health issue.”How would you feel?I am going to jump out on what I believe to be a very strong limb and say that you’d feel less than valued. Why would a loved one have all that information, yet not use it?

Barring compatibility issues, if you truly like or love someone, then study them, learn them, and when it’s “test time” you’ll pass with flying colors!


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