Role Reversal

Here is my relationship resume.
My name Scott and I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur. I started a magazine called, “Beat Street”, just a couple of years ago. It’s a magazine that talks about everything music related, from the best musical equipment to the hottest mix tapes to the biggest concerts near you.
I started my career as a Marketing intern for the Sony Music Group, before recently taking a full-time Marketing position at Black Entertainment Television. I’ve met some of the most popular celebrities in the music industry. The media industry is not all peaches and cream, but I enjoyed the challenge of it. I’ve always loved a challenge in my life.
I make a modest $74k a year and am well on my way to six figures in the next couple of years if some of my connections and ideas pan out. I can honestly say that I’m a self-taught man. I’ve taught myself everything I could think of. One of my main and most complicated areas of expertise is women. I know what you’re saying, “Just another player, womanizer, ladies man, like the world needs anymore of them.”
Actually, I agree with you, because that’s far from what I am, but you may feel different after hearing my story.
My upbringing has had a huge influence on my relationships with women. I grew up in a single parent home with just my mother and I. Growing up, she had always treated me like her little king. My dad was killed in the service when I was 3. He was a U. S. Marine. I never truly knew him, but every weekend, my mother shared stories about the kind of man he was. I am sure this was her attempt at directing me down the right path.
She told me exciting stories about “young love” in regards to their relationship growing up and dating in Philly. He treated her like a queen. He bought her flowers for absolutely no other reason than the fact that he was hopelessly in love with her smile. He sang to her simply to see her eyes light up as she leaned forward, as if to hear his voice just a little clearer. He took her out for nights on the town just to show her off and pursue her all over again, like he did when they met. Made love to her like no other, as if he was in a competition and had one last chance to inject her with the passion enclosed in his dedication to her.
Now, I’m not sure I was supposed to know that last part, but my mother never kept knowledge from me. Whenever I had questions about the ladies, she was always there to help me out. She was there to show me when it was time to move on and how to sit my ass down and be patient when the woman was worth it.
She gave me an excellent foundation, but like we all tend to do at times, we use good for evil.
After moving from Philly to DC, I was placed into a city with some of the most beautiful women, I’d ever seen. I was 24 years old and can honestly say I fell head first into the “life”. The women were professional, educated, independent, and beautiful.
I’d lived no more than a month in the city, before I met Michelle. “Damn, Michelle!’ She was gorgeous DST that had a great head on her shoulders. She stood about five feet five inches tall, brown skin, and light brown eyes. I met her at a Howard homecoming party. I was working the media coverage for BET. I met her and some of her other sorors that night, but she definitely stood out as the shining star and she never disappointed.
She was the first girl to ever take ME out. I was turned on by her driven state of mind. Whatever she wanted she usually got through hard work and intelligent planning. She worked at Howard as a professor in the Political Science department. It was not surprising to find us lying on a floor of soft blankets, talking politics, sex, wine, sex, and movies. She had a very dominant personality and so did I, but I knew exactly when to sit back and let her run the show and I knew exactly when she wanted me to dominate her mentally, emotionally, and sexually. The only real missing piece was our emotional connection. It often seemed that we were both running so fast to be the best that we had sex and planned our individual futures, but never seemed to merge those paths together.
I remember a time when she wanted me to watch her masturbate. I’d never even met a woman confident and comfortable enough to let me watch her as she pleasured herself, but I can honestly say, it was much more than mildly entertaining and arousing.
One night, I arrived at her apartment around 8 pm. I called her from the parking lot to inform her that I’d arrived and was on my way up.
“Uhhhh. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Scotty, hurry up! Mmmmmm. She’s waiting for you.”
“Michelle, what are you doing?”
“You’ll see when you get here. I’m doing something that you should be doing.”
Slow trot, run, walk is what I broke out into as I scaled her steps two at a time in order to get there faster. I arrived to a cracked door. I tried my best to slow down my breathing as to not show my true level of excitement. I step into the apartment closing the door behind me. No more than five steps into a dark apartment, I notice the flicker of candles coming from the bathroom. Not sure whether or not to come straight in, dick out, ready to attack or casually walk in and kiss her, so intimately that she grabs my neck and pulls me into the tub, fully clothed.
A split second executive decision tells me I should just be creative. I yell towards the moaning bathroom, “Michelle, I’ll be in shortly!” I strip down to my skin, grab two champagne flutes from the cabinet, and fill them both with the Henriot that had been chilling in the refrigerator.
As I walk into the bathroom, peaking around the corner, wearing nothing but my watch, two champagne glasses, and a smile, I notice a reflection coming from in between her legs. She has one leg on the tub and one leg in the tub. Her legs are wide open and she is slowly inserting her vibrator inside her. Based on the visibly creamy residue coating the vibrator, I could tell she’d already climaxed once or twice already.
“Scotty baby, come in here.”
I reluctantly step my nakedness into full view and she can now see how hard I am just thinking about how quickly I could replace that metal dick, with twice the thickness and inches more in length. I begin to step towards her.
“Stop. Sit down on the stool and face me. You can set the champagne on the counter. Grab the Vaseline on the counter and rub it all over your dick. Do it slowly so I can see it slide down the shaft like ice cream melting down a waffle cone. Stroke it once so that I can see your head glow and grow while you watch me fuck myself with my vibrator.”
Without even remote hesitation, I comply with her demands.
“Uhhhh. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Scotty, stroke him harder! Mmmmmm. She’s about to cum for you again.”
I guess I have a little freak in me so pardon my next line, lol!
While still stroking him, I lay down in the middle of the floor, as she stares at me with a perplexed look on her face. I extend my hand and ask for her vibrator. She hands it to me. I take it and place the bottom of it in my mouth, making certain to position in such a way to support her weight. I motion for her to come and sit on it. With her jaw dropped to the floor, she walks over to me and squats down, straddling my face as she gasped on her chrome vibrator’s reentry into her pulsating vagina lips.
By the time she made it all the way down, she’d already cum again, creating an orgasmic drip down the shaft of the vibrator until its creamy substance touched my lips.
Needless to say, we had an all night session that night.
Our “dating” relationship went on with that same intensity for a while, before taking a twist into a different direction when I met Tiffany. Now Tiffany was light-skinned and model like. She was my height without heels on, but she was a fly girl so heels were usually a must. She was my party girl. We had fun multiplied times 10 every time we hit the city. She was definitely a breath of fresh air. She had a little more time than Michelle, but definitely wasn’t trying to be CEO of anything anytime soon, but she knew everything that was going on in the city and the sex was spontaneous and a 11 on a scale of 1-10.
Sex on the train, during rush hour, in a fully crowded car, yes we did it!
We were taking the Red Line south from Medical Center when the doors open and for the second stop in a row, a flood of people pile into the car we were in. While standing up, she whispered into my ear, “Reach under my skirt, pull my thong to the side and let me know how wet I am?”
“Was she serious?” There was no time to ask. We’d be at our destination soon. I reached under her skirt, cloaked by the disguise of bracing her during the abrupt train stops whenever someone leaned on the doors. I felt and felt and touched and felt again, before removing my fingers from her pussy and licking them to taste the flavor that had been marinating since we left her condo. “Damn, it tasted good.”
She reached her hands back and unzipped my pants, facing forward, taking care not to alert the elderly gentleman standing next to us. She lifted up the split in back side of her skirt and slide my dick straight in. It felt like the feeling of a steamy bath, when the warm water sends a warm sensation through your whole body. Now, with my dick just sitting there hard inside her and barely any room to stroke, she managed to pull of one of the best moves I’d ever seen or felt.
The very next time the train stopped abruptly, she managed to push me back into an open seat, dick still deep inside her and now up in her. She grabbed the seat in front of her as she bounced quietly up and down on him, causing him to throb and choke due to the amount of pressure she applied to him. We fucked for the next 10 minutes before reaching our stop where she rose up and placed him back in my jeans. That was no small task, because he was now harder than ever and needed to be slightly bent to be put away.
Best spur of the moment sex I’d ever had. We almost got away Scott Free before the elderly man tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the stain on my pants. I looked down and tried my best to brush off the creamy solution Tiffany had rudely squirted and smeared on my jeans.
My instincts told me that we wouldn’t last very long due to our solely physical relationship, so when interest I her started to wane I was forced to distance myself, causing some unwanted attention by her when seen out with other lady friends I’d met.
One day after work, I received a call from my mother. We talked for about an hour, catching up and reminiscing on old times. Out of the blue, she asks me, “Have you found her yet?”
“Found who? You know how I do.” Then she said something that really hit me.
“When you find the woman that stimulates you more than just sexually, so much so that you find yourself applying your deepest energy to make her smile, then you’ll know what I mean.”
“Mom, I am never going to be sprung.”
She did bring up a good point though. Maybe I needed to “do me” for a little while and just focus on my career. I was able to accomplish this for about three months strong.
I was so tired today. I’d already worked three 12 hour days trying to prepare for the Black College Tour arriving at Howard that weekend. Saturday morning I arrive on the campus and work with all necessary parties to get everything set up perfectly.
After spending a whole afternoon entertaining aspiring college students, I was extremely tired and ready to relax.
“Excuse me, is your name Scott?”
I turn around and staring directly into my eyes is “Ms. Beautiful”.
“Yes, how are you?”
“I’m fine. My name is Lauren. I am the Executive Collegiate Coordinator at CocaCola. I’m going to be coordinating the three-on-three basketball game tomorrow and wanted to coordinate with you prior to that event.” I extend my hand to greet her while also letting her know how much of a pleasure it was to meet her.
We worked together day and night for the whole week in order to pull off the perfect college tour. My swag started to pale in her lime light. She was better known in the industry than I was. She was composed, beautiful, and commanded attention. That was the frustrating part. In most of my relationships I had been the “shining star” and have been using my best game on her all week and no progress. “Was that the problem? Had I been complacent and expected her to be just like all the others? Was my skill level just not up to par?”
That’s when I caught a break. She finally agreed to humor me and allow me time to take her to a non-work related lunch. “Lunch?” How exactly was I going to try to seduce her during lunch? Good move on her part, but something tells me she knew that. Her control of the situation was starting to concern me a little. “During lunch on that following Monday, we sat staring across the table from each other, exchanging looks of attraction as well as very intellectual conversation about everything under the sun.
“Damnit, I was mentally hooked on day one.” We had one of the few conversations where I felt like I was being picked apart and figured out, which is something I used to do to other women. We kept in touch over the next couple of months seeing each other here and there when time permitted. We seemed to enjoy each other’s company. I was paying close attention to her every move. I wanted to learn her. “Shit, we hadn’t even kissed yet.”
Lauren was very upfront and made it very clear that 35 years of life had taught her that she didn’t need a man for anything beside dick, and she could get that anywhere. That shocked me because I thought for sure that I could get inside her quicker than this. She did however mention that she WANTED someone who could mentally and emotionally stimulate her. Out of the dozen of men she’d been attracted to over the years and the men that were attracted to her, she now demanded more. She demanded more than just good sex, because she’d already found that in at least half of her relationships.
That’s when it hit me. I was sprung on her mind. It stimulated me and made me really sit down and think about her without the confusion of sex. “Damn, I never even thought that was possible…”
“When you find the woman that stimulates you more than just sexually, so much so that you find yourself applying your deepest energy to make her smile, then you’ll know what I mean.”
“I Scott D. Copeland, went into the deepest mental and emotional boot camp I’d ever attempted.” I spent the next couple of months, now 5 months of dating, learning her every twist and turn of her personality. By the time it was all said and done, I was going to KNOW her, not just know how to make her cum, not just how to make her smile, not just how to talk to her, but everything.
Every minute we seemed to spend around each other seemed to reveal more and more. Don’t get me wrong, everything was not perfect, but we had such good communication and respect for each other, that we always strived to resolve conflict and minimize stress when possible. “I guess that’s what happens when you get older and your TIME grows more and more valuable.” That’s what Lauren taught me. She forced me to value her time, energy, and conversation.
Date Night: I have something nice planned for both of us. She has mentioned to me in multiple conversations, her love of when she was a child. The freedom she felt while just simply being a kid. I had gotten a flyer about an event called, “Play Date DC”. It was an event where adults got together and played everything from Checkers to Connect Four to Uno. We had a great time drinking eating and losing in the games.
Afterwards we snuck into the Presidents Park, which was already closed for the evening and just walked and talked and held hands. I was a player and holding hands was not my style, but for some reason, I wanted to touch her. I wanted to feel her connection. After a couple of minutes of walking through the park I mention to her, while staring at the trees and not even looking in her eyes, that I wan to kiss her. Now we’d kissed a couple of times before, but I wanted to again, right now.
She stopped walking and turned towards me, also causing me to almost fall over her. “How do you know I want to ki—….” Before she could even fix her lips to get smart, I was already on them. We kissed for about 3 years in that 30 seconds. I have never enjoyed kissing her like I did that night. She made me enjoy it.
After kissing and continuing to walk a little farther, we came to a clearing near the trees. We stopped and stared at each other, both thinking that the an opportunity presented itself to relax and talk some more. We took that opportunity and laid out the blankets we’d brought with us. She spread the blankets out and we kicked our shoes off and attempted to manufacture light conversation in order to disguise how aroused we were. BUT to no avail.
One thing led to another and we were into things. I was inside her trying to internally massage her vagina. She responded by providing enough natural lubrication to increase the sensation of my fingers on her GSpot. As she grabbed my free arm, I worked until she came. I exchanged movements between fingering and sucking until her body belonged more to me than her. The interaction was intense, not because we were physically attracted to each other, but because we were so mentally and emotionally in tune.
With every finger-breaking orgasm, she clinched my arm even tighter as if to brace herself for the muscle spasms that attacked her lower body. My dick grew harder with every orgasm she experienced. We were so in-tune, I seemed to feel a tingle when she came and that was extremely new to me. She managed to release her free hand just enough to grab my dick, now hanging hard and fully extended, resting on her open leg. She grabbed and softly tugged as she seemed to feel each vein like reading braille.
The more foreplay we created, the more aroused we both became. “I want my next kiss standing up!” Lauren said, as she stood to her feet and reached out to pull me up as well. Standing directly in front of her, my hard dick stretched out and poked her clitoris, as if trying to get her attention. She pulled me close and we once again found ourselves lost in a passionate kiss.
While reminding myself of how thankful I was that I’d read some many books on sex in the past, I positioned my dick to enter in her from the front, while standing and lifted her into my arms, squatting and thrusting to invoke vaginal seizures from within her walls. With her arms wrapped around me, I could feel her body beginning to boil as her temperature rose and was preparing to release another climactic moan into my ears. We maintained that position until we both fell to the ground, never removing myself from inside her.
Never missing a beat, each stroke seemed to touch a different area inside her. She flexed her muscles to receive me and I flexed my muscles to expand her and stretch her for my entry. From a partially visible portion of the park, we could see security walking a little closer to where we were creating and establishing a stronger connection. “Shhhhh, the cops are coming!” Lauren mentioned, as she continued to suck on my neck, making my dick that much harder. The closer the came to us, the more she rode. With her hand covering my mouth, she looked dead into my eyes and nonverbally said to me, “I am about to make you cum.”
She moved her hips in a clockwise direction while also moving up and down with only her hips. She broke my spirit as I released inside her as her vaginal walls milked me to the last drop. The cops were standing right there as she fucked me to orgasm and back hard again before having to run from the park half-dressed to avoid near arrest.

Lauren was a Triple Threat. She was able to force my mind to learn her, understand her, and finally KNOW her, while at the same time KNOWING what exactly my mother was speaking of all these years. I guess it’s true what they say, “The right person can invoke feelings, thoughts, and reactions you never had before.”


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