The Best From the Best

1989. That was the year that we met. She was my next door neighbor. We lived on West 63rd near Kennedy King, in Englewood Chicago. We had a two bedroom ranch custom with a broken screen door in the back. We loved it! My next door neighbor, Erica and I used to climb through it during those high energy games of Freeze and TV Tag that always managed to spill into the backyard, where we normally ended up muddy and in perfect position to receive an ass whoopin’ from a switch of, unfortunately, our own choosing. Somehow, playing with her for hours made the switch hurt just a little less. The keyword here is little.

Could I really have been “in love” with her at such a young age? Did I just think it because my mom said it to me and I knew she really liked me, although during the beatings, I was often times perplexed as to how much. Either way those love, like, or “feelings of affection” that were present throughout most of our childhood, did nothing but grow with time.

During our elementary school years, I can remember endless afternoon’s of studying for Geology tests and quizzes in my living room, while my mom cooked popcorn on the stove for us to snack on while we pretended to study, but were really playing games and laughing. Don’t get me wrong, we still managed to get our work done, because punishment was definitely not the end that justified the mean of a grade lower than a B.

Not to sound like a sap, but Erica was my first kiss ever. I know guys aren’t supposed to remember those types of things, but that’s what makes this so different. I remember exactly when, where, and how it happened.

We were in the sixth grade at Reed Elementary. It was the night of the Winter Wonderland Dance. I arrived at the school in my nicest cream and red, rayon shirt (Courtesy of Damaged clothing company.), accompanied by my red, and heavily pleated dress slacks. If I’m not mistaken, they came on the same hanger. Don’t judge me!

Either I was the flyest 6th grader at the dance or the earth was still flat. It took about 20 seconds before Justin walked in. He was in the 7th grade and played on the basketball team. Most of the girls flocked to him as soon as his ego and he, hit the dance floor. Just like that, my confidence was snapped like a twig. I quickly made my way to the punch bowl to drown myself temporarily in non-alcoholic Hawaiian punch.

Before I could finish my second glass, Erica tapped me on the shoulder. “Hey, easy on the punch, we all want some.” We laughed as I thought to myself, “She’s really kinda cute.” I’d never really seen her dressed up before. She was always in shorts or a pair of jeans that were dingy from running around and falling in dirt due to our love for playing so many different childhood games. She looked cute with her hair down and Easter dress. Even the white, patent leather, square heels were cute in their own sixth grade way, lol!

After sitting on the bleachers with her and losing ourselves in the music, punch, and constant jokes about each other’s “coolest” outfits, neither of us noticed the fact that it was 930p and the lights were gradually returning to their brightest setting. That of course revealed all of the people who were dancing way too close!

I was definitely confused when it came to her. I honestly didn’t know if I liked her or liked to chase her in freeze tag, but there was something there, but immaturity and friendship made it seem so hazy it was almost inappropriate to think of her in that way.

As we exited the gymnasium doors things got interesting. I started messing with her hair, which she hated and from what she said, ruined it; she punched me in the stomach. She never was a push over, which was probably a reason I liked her anyway. I may have forgotten to mention, it hurt!

Since she snuck one in on me, I just assumed that was a perfectly valid reason for tripping her. Boy was I half wrong! I pulled off the best trip I’d ever tried. She fell right to her knees with a thud! Victory! During my celebration, I failed to realize that she wasn’t behind me. As I turned around, I noticed that she was holding her knee with her head to her knee as she rocked back and forth. My on looking mother, found that much less humorous, than I had. With a look I’d never seen before, she visually indicated that I was in big trouble if I didn’t take my ass back over and apologize. Now, I can’t say what exactly came over me, but seeing her in pain and on top of that, pain that I’d caused made me melt at that moment. I bent down to help her up as she looked up at me with tears in her eyes, mostly from her feelings being hurt.

“Erica, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just getting you back for punching me.”

Without even a one word response from her, I began trying to help her up as we slowly walked to my mom’s open car door. Since we were neighbors, we rode everywhere together. Before we were even five minutes from the school, she’d already pushed me in the head, whispering that she would get me back real soon. Her smile said so much about our young relationship!

As we neared the house, my mom looked back at us through the rear view mirror and made sure I knew to walk Erica to her house when we got home. As young as I was, I had no clue of what my intentions were. This was Erica and I’d never even hugged the girl before.

After parking and watching my mom go in the house, Erica and I started next door. As we walked up the steps to her front porch, she asked me a very interesting question that surprised even me.

“Why didn’t you dance with me?”

I really didn’t know what to say. I’d not even thought about it until she said something.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you wanted to dance with me.”

“You never pay attention to anything do you? So if I wanted a kiss, you wouldn’t know that either would you?”

“Uhhh. I guess not Erica. Do you want one?”

Palms sweaty, heart racing, thinking to myself, “Did I just call her bluff?”

“Yes, but do you even know how to kiss?”

“Of course I do!”

The young male ego was at work even then. Even though this was just Erica, there was no way I was backing down from this challenge. Before I could ask the same question back to her, it happened.

She leaned over to me and kissed me right on the lips. I have no earthly idea of what I was supposed to feel, or what I was even supposed to compare this experience to, but I liked it. Her lips were really soft and she smelled good too.

“Boy, you better get over here!” My mom yelled from the upstairs, side window, startling both of us.

Time–That’s an interesting concept, especially when it ceases to exist for a moment.

Arousal–Another interesting concept especially since it reminded me of when I used to watch adult movies on our scrambled TV set, when my mom went to bed.

She jumped back in awe, as “it” pressed against her, making her blush and run into the house.

“Bye Erica!” My hand extended as I waved and slowly turned to walk back home. I WAS A MAN or so I thought. I reminisced about her the rest of the night, replaying that moment over and over again. Maybe I fantasized a little too much, especially since my erectness made lying on my stomach very difficult and almost impossible.

That was my first kiss. Our first kiss. Definitely not the last time she would steal my senses from me.

After an exciting and fun, yet anxious, next six years, we found ourselves nearing graduation. This was a date that had been significant to us since our freshman year. It was a little awkward though. We had both gotten accepted to different schools, which was already going to be difficult, but the good thing was that we were going to be in the same state. We both decided to stay home in the Chi due to the relationship with our families.

We partied hard graduation night. We both ended up at Fred’s house party. He was always known for very lenient parenting which allowed for a completely “lights out” environment.

After a couple of underage alcoholic beverages, the evening started to take a turn for the better!

By this time in our lives, we’d both crossed the sex line. Not with each other, but just like best friends do sometimes, we found other “love” interests that we connected a different way with, but that never changed our friendship, although maybe it should have.

“Guess what I’m about to play next?” Fred, yelled over the crowd of half drunk and horny 17 and 18 year olds.

Next thing out of those speakers was Jodeci’s Feenin.

Chemistry in school was nothing like what I’d learned about us. She grabbed me and walked me to a corner where she wrapped her arms around my neck after placing my arms around her waist.

As much as I wanted to fuck her every which way right then, my typical male logic took over.

“Erica, some of your boyfriend’s friends are he—….”

She took her finger and pressed it to my lips. That was all it took for me to disregard my personal safety, for her pleasure. Halfway through the song, she turned around with her back to me and without missing a beat, positioned my hands right at the hem of her dress. When I say that Fred’s house parties were dark and lightly monitored I mean it.

While his parents were upstairs playing cards, my fingers were slowly tracing her soft thighs around each leg, following the hem of the dress. While dancing semi off beat, she arched her back as much as she could, pressing her body against me like an overcrowded Toyko train.

With her ass pressed firmly against me, she let out a sigh as she’d just realized how aroused I had become just being around her. As we slow grinded to the beat, my hands had no choice, but to travel to the land of cream and honey, which she’d nonverbally indicated that she wanted me to do.

As I reached up under her already short dress, I began massaging her vagina, taking care to concentrate on the clitoris area, which I closed my eyes in order to concentrate on finding. I was surprised at how warm her whole midsection was. It reminded me of the visual effect of the hood of a car on a hot summer day. Between her stimulating smell and warm panties, my finger found its way just inside the panty line. The first thing she did was also the first thing I felt. Moisture. She slowly spread her legs open to receive my fingertips that had already been actively massaging her clit. Erica whispered in my ear, “Watch this…” While softly sucking on her ear lobes and neck, I felt her pussy walls begin to contract. It was a very interesting and arousing feeling simply because I could feel her throbbing muscles sucking my finger deeper inside with each contraction.

She began to moan a little louder as Jodeci neared their final verses.

“Don’t stop. I want you to make me cum.”

With mission in hand (literally), I began to stroke a little harder with my finger, matching her gyrations as we danced. With fingers dripping from her physical reaction to the pleasure, she grabbed my hand, pulling it to her perfectly glossed lips and sucked them almost dry, whispering to me how sweet she tasted. Orgasm still not reached, I proceeded to pull her panties down to her knees, all under the low, almost dark ambiance in the basement. Now, with her lace boy shorts resting politely on her knees as if to watch the show from a different angle, I’d like to show her my little trick.

I take my middle finger and slide it gently and slowly up inside her as far as it can go. I can feel her wiggle as if to reposition herself. I curl my finger inside her, closely comparing the motion used to extract peanut butter from a jar. I then whisper to her, “I bet I can find where your GSpot is.”

Her response, “If you can find it, then I want you to make me squirt down my legs.”

At the same time, she dropped her hands from around my neck and placed them both firmly around my dick, which was still very much restricted by my boxer briefs and jeans.

“What I said just made you hard didn’t it?”

Without a verbal response, I figured a physical one would be much more effective. I reinserted my two middle fingers into now a much wetter and warmer workspace. I calculated to myself 2-4 inches deep, the top roof of her vagina. This was an area that was diamond-shaped and slightly rough to the touch. The almighty GSpot.

Her reaction to my discovery quickly notified me that no matter how tired my hand was about to get, I could not stop until the song stopped, which happened to be the Bump n Grind Old School mix.

Why had no clue that the musical stimulation had changed, mainly due to our own stimulation that was taking place.

Continuing to thrust my fingers deeper into her, I continued to tickle her pleasure pad that was now beginning to swell as she had now refrained from dancing in order to concentrate on the eruption she’d been anticipating since we left graduation.

Before I could ask if she was about to cum for me, I felt a warm and creamy puddle drip into my hands. She let out a deep moan followed by a sigh of relief as her pussy contracted to finish pushing out the juices.

While in the midst of her climactic contractions, I attempted to add gasoline to an already well lit vaginal experience.

I reached around through the open-back portion of her dress and pulled her bra down so that I could softly massage her semi-hard nipples to full erection.

While working on my newly, self-assigned task, she began unbuckling and unzipping my pants, I assume to release the raging erection that silently begged to join the party that was taking place in between her hips.

She managed to work my pants and boxers down just enough to release him, causing him to bounce up and tap her on the ass, as if to say, “Can I cum and play too?’ She stroked him back and forth for a moment, properly coating him in her juices which she gathered from dripping down her legs and into her panties.

She slightly lifted her right leg, resting it on an old box that sat next to her, wishing it were human so that it could join in. That was the perfect angle for entry, all I had to do was go straight into the pool she’d just warmed up for my swimming pleasure. At first stroke I could feel her second orgasm coming on; it was as if my dick had turned the contractions back up to high.

“Harder. I want you to make it hurt!”

Having never really been one for rough sex, I was inclined to oblige her right now. After a couple more strokes of pounding, my dick indicated to me that another seismic eruption was about to take place. Her vaginal walls gripped me so tight, that I could barely move. Maybe those years of cheerleading made more than just her legs and arms strong.

I struggled to move in and out as she struggled to prevent my movement. When she could no longer fight me, I proceeded to mentally reach all the way into her soul with every stroke. I was trying to clear her throat from the inside.

“Tell me when you are about to cum, okay?”

“I will, Erica!’

I find a rhythm so perfect that my curve reached into her and pulled down her third orgasm as she started to tear down the curtain that separated the dance floor from the laundry room.

“Erica, I’m about to—…”

She turned around and through the cover of darkness, dropped to her knees and deep-throated every inch of me. Six, seven, eight inches all sliding in between her lips while squirting warm, pineapple flavored shots of cum down her throat. She started to choke as a little of it started so spill from her lips and chin.

As she stood back up wiping off her mouth, the lights come on! We stood there in awe as we looked completely embarrassed as half the people at the party gather on the basement steps staring at us standing there pants and panties down…

Time–That’s an interesting concept, especially when it ceases to exist for a moment.

Arousal–Another interesting concept especially since I was able to truly experience what those adult movies on our scrambled TV set really were about, at least from a physical standpoint.

That was the Best sex I’ve ever had and it just so happened to be with my Best friend!


  1. OMG how orgasmically embarrassing. What a wonderful play on and with words but i could NOT even begin to play the songs you provided Nate but another GREAT one for the books!

  2. The pictures we paint with words?!?!? I love the background/foundation that Erica and Mr.X have from the very beginning. It would be interesting to see how their future “friendship”ends….or begins.

  3. The pictures we paint with words?!?!? I like the background/foundation in the beginning between Erica and Mr.X! It would be very interesting to see how their “friendship” ends…..or begins!

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