A Picture is Worth 1300 Words

I looked down at my watch 6:45p. Now, on any other day, 6:45p would have been nothing special, but the strange thing about this time, was that time hadn’t moved in the last 5 minutes.

That temporary suspension in time, ironically corresponded with the moment you walked from the dressing room to the center of the room where the Tungsten lights illuminated the white laminate floor and circular reflector. Each click of your heels on the polished hard wood floor, brought me more and more excitement. It was as if I were eight years old again, waiting for the Cosby show to come on.

As soon as your shoe hit the white floor, I started snapping. I wanted to capture your body contours, eyes, and lips as you approached the floor like Muhammad Ali approached a boxing ring. Your demeanor was fierce. Your confidence was through the roof which also had a way of boosting your attractiveness like NOS in a fuel injection system. I secretly shifted my body to allow for my increasing arousal to have a place to grow. You did this to me every time.

“How do you feel?” – “I feel fine.” – “Perfect, because you look fine.” – “What do you want me to do?” – “I want you to cum for me.” – “What?!?! What do you mean?” – “I mean I want to see a full body orgasm in every frame of every photo I take today. I want you to look at the camera as if you have just received the best oral sex you’ve ever received.”

As I continue to snap, you respond, “I’ll try.”

You ask for a pan and a spatula. I am a little taken back by this, but i am trusting your judgement so…I rifle through some things and find a pan and spatula. You amaze me! You took the kitchen utensils from my hands and proceeded to dazzle me, as usual. Standing there mimicking a woman cooking in the kitchen, I fantasized about that very same thing. We were at that moment, in sync.

I imagined sitting you in my designer bar stools, lowering it to its lowest setting and bowing to my knees as if to thank God for the meal I was about to receive. The French may have designed the kiss, but I was about to perfect it. With your lips running vertically and my lips running horizontally, a perfect “X” would form as my tongue and your lips, became one.

I am a student of knowledge and an apprentice to perfection so for the next 20 minutes of my oral fixation, you would be directing my every tongue thrust, ensuring as many orgasms as your body could handle. (I do tongue push ups for moments like this.)

Next you ask me for a blind fold, because you’d like to imagined being blindfolded by an orgasm. Looking one way while it’s hitting you from behind. Always being one to oblige, I quickly look through a draw of props and locate a blind fold. As I’m handing it to you, you begin tieing and I been thinking.

Would it be okay for me to stand in front of her, fully clothed, fully aroused, fully focused? I wonder how wet she would be while searching for my hard and stretched out dick. Would she greet him with her out stretched tongue and lick him from bottom to top, seeming to savor the taste of the precum she tasted on the tip?

Answers to those questions, I’m not certain of, but her body language was the most seductive I’d seen. It was very interesting to see her standing there staring at me directly through the blindfold, exuding the essence of an orgasm. She embraced herself as if to try to contain or suppress the psychological convulsions moving throughout every vein in your body.

After about an hour of taking photographs of every depiction of an orgasm we could think of, I soon realized that something as simple as a bathroom break provided you just enough time to steal my camera and hold me playfully hostage to your demands.

I’ll I could do was stand there, arms folded, and wait intently on your next instructions. I secretly, enjoyed every minute of our role reversal.

Just like a Sports Illustrated photographer you start snapping away…

“I want you to move with the camera. Now stop. Look strong. Look over your shoulder.” I was calling out orders like a female lieutenant in the Marines. I see why he likes this.

When I’m in front of the lens, I simply drift away mentally. Each time the fingers on his strong hands press the shutter button, I internalize him pressing my external buttons, located discretely on my lips, the nape of my neck, my ear lobes, nipples, back, legs, and usually sensitive clitoris. Often times it was hard to keep from approaching him with determination mixed with passion, and a side of arousal to complete the dish.

I wonder what types of pictures he would take if I were straddling him while he tried his best to maintain focus as his hard dick jumped up and touched my open pussy lips as I seduced the boss. My head tilted all the way back in order to open my body up to receive his thick and long penetration, leaving a tingling sensation in my chest, breast, and nipples.

“Take off your shirt!” – “Give me back the camera.” – “If you take off your shirt, I promise to give you what you want.” – “Fine!”

He was super attractive when he started to pout. “Back up and stand under the light.” I throw him a bottle of oil, because I’m the boss now! 🙂 (Yes, my pussy just jumped, in case you were wondering.)

Snapping a way with one hand, I rest my other on my waist. Maybe that will keep me from doing something else with those fingers. “Come here for one sec. You have something on your face.”

As he slowly approaches, I am assuming he has no idea that I’ve been aroused all day. I am not sure what the 30 year old milestone did to me, but I had to have him. My own photographer was about to get taken advantage of. Don’t judge me, but I could care less about his little wifey at this point. She’s cute and all like me, down to earth like me, and definitely can cook like me, but tonight I am his model.

Within steps of me, I unbuckled his pants and let them hit the floor. He was completely surprised, almost getting the words, “We can’t”, out before I pushed him to the floor and swallowed as much of him as I could. He wanted it just as bad as I did, maybe more. I knew it was more than just a camera lens, especially when he was the one looking through it. I’m such a freak. I couldn’t help but stare at the camera as it took perfectly timed shots of us. His wife is going to be pissed, but she probably doesn’t keep it spicy enough for him and that’s where I cum in and cum multiple times at that!

By now, his aggressive side had broken free and he was pumping me like an oil drill after turning me on my back.

20, 30, 45, minutes passed with not so much as a break…

After cumming together for the grand finale, we both laughed as we reminisced about what had just happened and how the camera bared witness to the whole act…

‘What do you think your wife is going to say when she finds the pictures of us fucking?” – “Honestly, I’m not at all sure. What are you going to say when you see the pics?”




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