Completely Out of Character

Over the three years David and I have been together, he’d always been this way.

It was our third anniversary and we were, for the most part, enjoying our annual breakfast. We always made a habit of going to IHOP to start our anniversary day! We shared a couple of laughs as he pointed out the fact that this wasn’t a date and that I was paying, lol! He is such a liar, especially since he invited me out!

After finishing breakfast and spending an hour or so reflecting on the ups, downs, and the future of our relationship, I couldn’t help, but notice his phone continuing to vibrate throughout our date.

David is a very friendly man, very loving, although there has always seemed to be a wall up between us in regards to his sentimental side. I was used to his friends contacting him on a regular basis, but it was our day and I wanted ALL of his attention. Maybe I wasn’t being realistic though. He’s always been this way. Probably what I fell in love with.

While in the car on the way home, I slid him a card and said, “Happy Anniversary, baby!”

He took the card and set it in the driver’s side door panel, mentioning that he would open it as soon as we got home. WTF! I was immediately pissed. I tried my best to accept the “Thank You” he muttered out while accepting the card, but putting it down really bothered me. Sadly, as bad as I wanted to say something, I was trying not to be responsible for ruining “our” day.

He’d been pretty stressed out with work, but I wasn’t feeling my most understanding that day. Three years is a long time. I was also contemplating our visit to the jewelry store last week where he explained that he couldn’t think about rings with so much going on with work.

That was always the tough thing about being me. I tended to internalize in relationships and blame myself just to preserve the peace. Not to mention I was a smidge emotional at times.

As we pulled into the driveway, he was already on the phone. His little sister called him from Florida to ask him about attending graduate school. She is always so damn needy, but in the interest of education, I needed to be understanding, right?

Anyway, while he retired to our home office, I watched television downstairs to help me clear my mind. After watching Sex and the City, I knocked on the office door. “David, are you and Alecia finished talking?” With no response, I open the door to find him asleep at his desk. This has got to be the worst  anniversary we’ve had so far.

As a slight sense of disappointment mixed with depression set in, I grabbed the car keys and headed to the mall.

After about an hour in the mall, wandering aimlessly through Express, Nine West, and Coach, I received a text from David.

“Dionne, I’m sorry for being so distracted today. I know’s it’s our anniversary and I promise to make it up to you next weekend with no distractions.” – “Sure, whatever. I’ll be home shortly.”

After trying to make him suffer a little bit, I arrive home an hour later. Maybe I played it wrong, because now he was gone. He did leave me a note saying that he had to run to the store, but was going to be right back. “Figures…”

I need a bath. I hadn’t taken much time to just de-stress in a while so, now was as good a time as any.

“Ahhhhhh….” That is all I can say as I slowly slide down into the large garden tub filled with hot water, after testing it with my toe first.

After turning on some Raheem DeVaughn (

), which stimulated my mind and most definitely my body, I must have dozed off. That is until…

“Knock, Knock, Knock” I slowly open my eyes to see David standing at the bathroom door with his beautiful, brown eyes staring directly into mine. I almost slipped under the water. “Damn” is all I could say. He stood there all six feet two inches of him. Body oiled up from head to toe, the bathroom lights highlighting every muscular body part, but that was the interesting part. That wasn’t his style, but I wasn’t asking or complaining (My pussy would have been truly upset if I did).

He stood in the door way, wearing only a smile and a single, long stem, purple rose which was my favorite color. “I love you Dionne!” This was completely surprising to me. He had never been very big on flowers or saying the words, “I love you”. I was definitely liking where this was going.

As he walked his beautiful body closer to me, it felt like a scene in a movie. He was my Adonis, there to rescue me from an emotionally stressful day, body toned and strong, manhood elongated, but not completely hard yet. (I planned to take care of that shortly)

As he sat next to the side of the tub, he smiled at me and asked me a question. “Dionne, you know I hate swimming, but how long do you think I can hold my breath?” A smile immediately attacked attached itself to my face.

Before I could even come up with an answer, he’d made his way into the tub with me, ducking his head under the water and commenced to give me an under water spin cycle. I mean I have never received that type of oral sex before. He dipped his tongue inside, out, and around my pussy and didn’t come up until I was grabbing his ears from orgasmic pulses running throughout my body.

As he comes up gasping for air, I am exhaling, coming down from my orgasmic high, when he stands me up in the bath tub and kisses me. All I could say was, “Wow” THAT MAN does not kiss like that often. I was much more familiar with the occasional peck instead.

I’m not sure how he was able to brace himself. He lifted me up with my legs over his shoulders, back pressed against the wall, and vagina positioned directly in front of his soft lips. He dined on me like a convicted felon’s last meal. He drank my juices like he’d never had a drink before, sucking my clit like it was his first time using a straw.

I have never even been close to blacking out, but I can honestly say that while his tongue was spinning my head was spinning and dizzy, well worth the orgasm I splashed into his face. In an acrobatic display, he damn near threw me from his shoulders and dropped me right down on that out stretched and hard dick of his. I grabbed his shoulders in pleasure-filled pain as his head parted my lips and moved quickly to the back of my pussy, where his mushroom shape grabbed a “head” full of my cream filled icing before sliding back out. I think I came again just that quickly.

As he alternated his stroke from fast to slow and back again, the water in the tub splashed in excitement, as if to be giving us a round of applause for his performance.

The way he slid in and out of me was a beautiful, lip-biting feeling. It was so different, it was almost like fucking a different person all together.

There was no way we would finish without me feeling him from the back. He set me down in the water like a baby and turned me around. With legs completely together he slid that thing inside me and did something he never really does. He slowed down. He slow stroked me while massaging everything from my lower back to my shoulders. it was so passionate I lost count of the amount of times I shivered with orgasms.

After that we took the hottest shower we’d ever taken as we laughed and talked as the water just ran down our bodies as we embraced.

We slept so hard that evening, I barely remember him sliding my beautiful engagement ring on my finger and under my pillow a note.

“Dionne, I couldn’t think of a better way to propose to you than on our anniversary, during the most passionate evening we’ve ever shared. I was able to close one of the biggest accounts I’ve ever had today and want you to know that your patience with me over the years, love, and compassion has never been overlooked. Before you I was good, but with you I am better. Happy Anniversary!

~David, Your future husband…(If you say yes, lol!)”


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