The Perfect Date defines “date” as…


a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person: to go out on a date on Saturday night.


to go out socially on dates: She dated a lot during high school.

What is the PERFECT date?

I know some of you are already being pessimistic and saying, “Nothing’s perfect…” Well I disagree! Maybe it’s my optimism.

I feel like there are two classifications for dates. Quality and Specialty

I look at Quality dates as the dates that fulfill emotional, physical, and mental needs/wants. Specialty dates fulfill all the requirements of a Quality date, but also include activities that may not be economically feasible to do as often or that are tied to a perticular date, such as a conert coming in town.

I have a couple easy tips for arranging the perfect date or something close to it.

  1. Review what you know about the other person and communicate with them to fill in gaps as necessary. (What do they like? What are their interests? What are their favorite activities? What are their favorite restaurants?)
  2. Include some form of food or drink in each date. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, etc)
  3. Determine the goal of your date. (Exercise, intimacy (not just sex), conversation, excitement, etc)
  4. Be on time. (Being fashionably late is only cool at prom and the red carpet at the Grammies)
  5. Dress to impress. (For you long-term and married couples, don’t be fooled into thinking your mate doesn’t want you looking good)
  6. Smell good. (Body and breath)
  7. Stay focused. (Staring at everything walking as well as the all important MOBILE DEVICE can make your date/mate feel much less important at that moment)
  8. Keep it informative yet light. (Politics and religion are very controversial so choosing to discuss this on a date takes two very open-minded people)
  9. No when to say when. (Certain dates may call for an 8 hour block and some for only an hour)
  10. BE CREATIVE! (Boring is boring so keep it fresh)

Now that you have all of that covered you need to find the nearest mirror and say to yourself three times,

I will be creative!

I will be creative!

I will be creative!

While it’s definitely okay to go on the same date twice, a little spice or variation of the norm can make things seem new again.

Just to give you some ideas, see the list below.


Billiards, Mini golf, Dinner, Movies, Park, Breakfast, Dessert, Garden, Sight seeing, Jazz Club, Ice Skating, Skating, Open-house, Massages, GoKarts, Paint ball, Picnic, Library, Book store, Arcade, Bowling, Surfing, Carnival, Hike, Comedy show, Laser tag, Swimming, etc.


Music concert, Sporting event, Stage play, Special event coming in town, Balloon ride, Horseback riding, Casino, Scuba diving, Dinner cruise, Museum, etc.

Date and be merry and this is especially for you long-term and married couples that just need a little refreshing!

One comment

  1. Creativity is key. You have to switch things up, do
    something out of the norm. Something that maybe isn’t you. People
    love new experiences good or bad. Sometimes the bad ones end up
    being the most fun and the most memorable. Peace, Love and
    Chocolate Tiffany

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