Relationship Science 101

Your average elementary, middle, and high school student may learn the following throughout their educational paths:
Art, Reading, English, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Recess, Social Studies, Science

You may find some courses that may include Home Economics, but that is even far and between these days.

In other schools, you may find religion being taught.

One subject that I’ve found is not represented in our educational system is Relationship Science.

I define Relationship Science as the study of human nature. Our emotional, psychological, and physical desires.

My inquiring mind often wonders what the state of today’s relationships would be if we had received mandatory Relationship Science courses throughout the 12 plus years we are in school.

What if we had teachers and courses that covered:

  • Communication
  • Manners
  • Romance
  • Dating
  • Friendships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Etc.

I find it interesting that the same things that, as adults, we go to $200/hour marriage and relationship counselors for, may be more effective as young adults when we are much more RECEPTIVE to change.

What if students were tested, quizzed, assigned homework assignments and projects all around relationships???

Laying a good foundation is always better for the structural longevity of the building. Laying or changing a foundation after the building is built as near impossible and definitely much harder work!

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