I Heard, Saw, Smelled, Touched, and Tasted her

“Hey team, I’d like to introduce you to Lisa. She’ll be joining the eastern division sales team.”

“How are you all? I’m looking forward to working with you all.”

Of course a few more words were said, as well as some hand shaking, but those first words Lisa said, were all that registered. Her voice was soft and simple, yet deliberate and confident. The kind of voice that makes you stop typing in order to see where such a sensual voice is coming from. The type of voice that causes you to lose concentration and find it in her eyes. The type of voice that softly moans my name as each long, thick inch makes way inside her for the next inch, easing the entry with the best natural lube available. Sweeter than honey and as creamy as warm icing. I was so engrossed in my work that I never turned around.

It’s so interesting what the sense of hearing can do to your thought process!

“Done…” just sent my last email. As I slowly turn around to greet our new teammate, I suddenly pause to absorb the attraction. About 5’8” she stood with auburn colored hair. Slightly curly and about shoulder length. Not necessarily enough to pull, but definitely enough to run my fingers through, while running my fingers through her. Make up was barely noticeable, but noticeably perfect. Her lip gloss over her lipstick only accentuated her full lips. The kind of lips that would be wonderful to taste while on intermission from a movie. The kind of lips that would be wonderful to slide down slowly onto my dick as I massaged the back of her neck as she held back her gag reflux. Her cream-colored pants suit fit perfectly with the powder blue blouse. Imagining ripping the buttons off of it while kissing her and simultaneously, breaking only to pull her pants and panties down to her ankles, was not hard to do. Standing straight in front of her and positioning my dick directly in between her legs as my head kisses her open lips, then UP inside her is where I would end up.

The eyes are still the window to the soul!

I respectfully stood up and shook her hand. Like a brick wall, her fragrance penetrated my nose and stayed there. It was so sweet you could almost taste it. Definitely a fragrance that would stop me dead in my tracks as she passed as if to grab my collar and pull me close enough to feel her chest exhale as she breathed. Riding me in my office chair, with her back to me, her pussy swallowing every stroke of his erect length and thickness reaching into the center of her body and seemingly touching her heart-strings. Pulling her hair to the side as I take in her sex and strawberry filled aroma while kissing her softly down the back of her neck to the center of her back, biting her shoulders like a vampire.

A good aroma can affect your breathing in a positive way!

“Damn!” I didn’t even realize I was still holding her hand. Her handshake was firm, but her skin was like melted butter. Her hands were warm and soft to the touch.  What if I pulled my dick out right now, already hard, and put her hand around it, finger by finger? What if I unbuttoned her blouse, helping her suit coat rest itself on the ground by her feet? What if I untucked her blouse and started unbuttoning buttons from the bottom, fingertips brushing against her stomach as I worked my way up? What if I released her breasts from her bra as I unhooked it? What if I kissed each nipple, circling each areola with the tip of my tongue and applying soft but firm bites to her nipples as I sucked them to their erect full length? What if while I sucked I also fingered her almost to the point of orgasm as I softly touched her Gspot? What if I bent her over and asked her to touch her ankles as I worked my key into her lock, wiggling it around to unlock her orgasm?

A simple touch can evoke complicated thought!

It wasn’t even close to lunch, but I was suddenly very hungry, starving even. I would eat her. Wrong, I would savor her like perfect steak. She could sit on my face like a Sybian. She could ride it until she felt like getting off, but not before “getting off”. She could be pressed against the wall face first as I licked, kissed, and bit the back of both thighs. She could let me massage her ass as I spread it open to “tongue penetrate” her from behind. She could hug me tightly as I step into the shower and wash her back as the water runs over her face and her fingers run down my already solid dick while kissing her.

Food provides nutrients the body needs to survive. Mentally taste. Emotionally savor. Physically swallow.


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