An effective alarm clock

Vrooooom… I hear the sound of his car drive away.

As much as I love a professional man who knows what he wants to be and how to get there, I hate that he has to leave so early in the morning. His position as executive editor for the Birmingham Post requires that he be at work by 5:45a everyday of the week. This may sound weird, but it turns me on to know that he loves what he does. I guess that’s what being in love will do to you. It’s almost like becoming the same person or maybe that’s just me. My sister always said that I love too hard, but I’ve never been very good at helping it.

I creep back into bed at 5:15a after seeing him off, slipping into his t-shirt just to breathe in his smell as it lures ny body into a sense of relaxation that I long for daily and nightly for that matter.

I slide over to “his” side where I nestle into his warm body mold. Damn, this feels good. Ironically enough, even after the passionate love-making training camp he put my ass through last night, I’m still a little horny.

Just to confirm, I slowly slide my hands down my thighs and with legs slightly spread, I touch her. Softly at first, just enough to get the tip of my finger wet, then a little deeper as I slide my finger as far in as it would go. I hate to masturbate, when he can’t help me or at least watch, but I am so horny right now.

Actually, that’s exactly what got us “sexually entangled” last night. As he sat on the “L” shaped couch in the living room, I sat in the chair and played with her. Hidden by a blanket, I slid my fingers in and out, massaging my clit with my thumb. I became so engrossed with my “self pleasing” activity that I barely noticed him staring at me.

A closer look brought to my attention that I’d begun to get a rise from his pajama pants. Damn, it was standing straight up, almost tearing a hole in his pants, which I wouldn’t have minded. I actually imagined deep throating as much as I could as the juices moved through his warm dick.

To make a long story short or shall I say LONG in his case, the carpet will be getting shampoo’d this weekend!

“Oh shit!” The side garage door just opened. “What is he doing back already? He must have forgotten something.” – “Hey sweetie, I just forgot my lunch. Talk to you later!”

I hear the door shut and after my heart stops beating so fast, I slowly begin rubbing her again. I sometimes love to just close my eyes and feel him in, on, and around me.  Now, so into it I can almost feel his soft lips french kissing and sucking on my pussy as I handle my clit.

“Damn, she looks so sexy doing that…” I love how passionate she is. She is so deep inside herself that she doesn’t see me standing here at the door, now rubbing my dick from inside my slacks.

She is about to cum. I can tell, because she always starts to bite her lip as the sensation and orgasmic fluids build up and prepare to be released.

I wonder if she would mind me tasting it. I have an idea though.

I retire back downstairs, hoping that she doesn’t catch me in the house lurking. I hear beautiful moans coming from upstairs as I wait patiently for my turn. After hearing her finish and wash her hands before retiring to the bed, I prepare my plan.

I feel so much more relaxed as I retire back to the bed and text him to have a good day at work. I have to get my hair done at 6:30a so I have a little time to catch some zzzz’s. I set my alarm and fall back asleep as soon as my body will allow.


I start from the foot of the bed. I start to slowly raise the bottom portion of the sheets and slowly creep into bed, taking care not to disturb her too much.

Your Feet: I start by kissing the bottom of her feet, directly in the center. Then I work my way up to each toe, giving each one a pec. I kiss her ankles, falling in love with every vein that runs through them.

Your Legs: As I work my way up and down each calf muscle, I admire the definition from her long runs. I drop breadcrumb kisses along each inner thigh just so that I could find my way back down once my mission was complete. Like warm and moist loaves of wheat bread, I simply take in the aroma of your recently aroused vagina.

Your Spot: After detailing each thigh even despite you tossing and turning from the tender touches, I work your legs apart. I insert my outstretched tongue into your pussy in such a way that causes a shiver to shoot through your body. As you begin to wake up, I pull you closer to me grabbing your wrists to restrain you as I fight against the strength of your gyrating hips.

Barely able to move he  grabs my wrists so tight they start to hurt, which is quickly over shadowed by his strong tongue that penetrates me and forces my back to arch in preparation for him.

It feels like his tongue is putting me through a “pussy processor” the way he’s eating me. I cum shortly after the insertion of his fingers.

Just then he stands up next to the bed and picks me up, arms under my legs as I reach back to grab his dick with my free hand. I position it perfectly below my wet and waiting pussy as he drops me down on the thick dick and i grab his neck for stability, security, and a way to disperse my pussy sensations.

Standing up while fucking me is only enhanced by a glimpse of us in the mirror. I can see his head buried in my breasts as his dick finds its target with every deep stroke of satisfaction. My ass is looking perfect as his strong arms embrace me. I love fucking him and in addition to that…”Baby, I’m cumming again!”

“Me too…” As he buries his creamy, warm cum deep inside my pussy which was waiting to receive it. The sensation and thought of what was happening caused me orgasm to last a little bit longer.

We both collapse on the floor, dick still semi hard and inside me. I continue riding until neither of us can stand the sensitivity.

There is NOTHING like a fantasy coming true and cumming multiple times at that!


  1. DAMN…I arched my back when she arched hers…I damn near
    felt his hands on my ass when he grabbed hers. *gulp* this is a
    fantasy that I hope comes true…;)

  2. Damn……is really the only word that “cums” to
    mind……I need a cigarette…..a sandwich…..and a nap after
    this one…..Or, one really great orgasm will do…..*BRAVO* SN:
    the visuals are awesome…..

  3. All I gotta say is…DAMN!!!!!

    I arched my back when she arched hers and I swear I felt him grabbing my ass too!!!

    **gulp** this took me there!!!

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