Icy Road Conditions

“Although widespread heavy amounts are not expected, if you are in an area where mixed precipitation, ice or snow is forecast, you could encounter some dangerous travel conditions.”

That’s what we just heard on the radio only minutes after leaving the house. The travel gods are definitely against us. My heart started to drop, because needed this weekend so badly, yet I am now staring at 3 miles of brake lights.

It was our sixth wedding anniversary and we were on our way to Blue Ridge Highlands in Virginia. I surprised you by renting a cottage. I know that sounds funny and a bit fairytalish, but dammit, I’m creative and spontaneous so sue me!

As we inch along at half a snail’s pace, you ask me if I remember when we met. While usually very detailed, I am sometimes not so good with dates. I have a sense of humor so I take a stab at your, fully loaded question.

“Well, My Dear, it was on a Wednesday. I had just gotten off work, after a hard day. Me and the fellas hit the bar afterward, then the strip club.”

“Next on stage…”

“Oww…Did you have to hit me that hard?” – “Yes, you bum. So I was a stripper, huh?”

“Don’t be mad honey, you only worked there part time to pay for school.” – “I can’t stand you…”

We share a laugh, as usual, as a fire truck blows past us, siren blaring. “It must have been an accident. I hope everyone’s okay.”

Now back to how we met…

I think it was Accounting class. I was running a little late to class and of course you were on time. You were a freshman and your daddy was heartbroken that you went all the way to Florida to go to school. You were so determined to make him proud, starting with being in class on time.

You were gorgeous to me. I am pretty sure, you are the reason I got a C in that class. There you sat, hair in a ponytail to try and somehow mask your beauty, which was never possible. I stared at you the whole class, yet it still took me half the semester and a D at midterms to say something to you.

Between you, genuinely trying to help me with my Accounting work, and me trying to flirt with you non stop, we got to know each other fairly well.

I can still remember that first “study date”.  After class we went to Wendy’s, grabbed a bite to eat before going back to my place. You were feeling a little uncomfortable until I gave you the female Power Ranger toy I stole from the little kid standing next to us.

We got back to my place and studied for approximately 13 minutes before Law and Order ruined it for anything that looked like focus. We fell asleep on the floor in front of the tv, heads on books, and of course my arm around you, accidently touching your butt.

“You know I felt you touching my butt? You weren’t as slick as you thought you were.” – “Really, I just knew my game was tight.”

“Uh, sweetie, it wasn’t that tight, but it was sweet.”

“OMG, did you just see that? That minivan just slid into that pick up.”

“Due to white out conditions, we are asking all vehicles to maintain lane position until further notified. Please stay tuned to V101.4 for updates.”

We both sigh as we realize this 6 hour drive is about to turn into 8 or more.

“Sweetie, I am about to go to sleep while you drive.” – “Okay, sweetheart, get some rest. I’ll let you know when I get sleepy.”

After about 3 more hours of the same slow moving traffic, I am starting to doze off. I tap you on the leg a couple of times to wake you, but I am having zero success. (I personally think you are faking, but you did have a long day)

“Damn, you look good right now!” *mental thought*

Well you know what, since traffic is barely moving and we are confined to one lane, I am pretty sure it would be safe to drive with one hand. I am almost that what I have planned will be a great way to wake up.

You are perfectly positioned for my perverted plan to take place. I feel like we are in college again, lol!

With your chair leaned all the way back, I pull your shirt up, exposing your stomach. I began rubbing my hand across your stomach and you shift as you feel the sensation across your navel. Curious to see how wet you are, my fingers untie your jogging pants, providing just enough of a gap to get my hand down into.

“No panties?” Is what I say to myself as I realize I am starting to veer into the next lane staring at your sleepy, sexy ass!

I pull my hand from your jogging pants and lick my middle finger. Not that you need any help in that area, but I want to start rubbing your clit with as little disturbance to your pussy lips as possible.

As traffic comes back to a stop again, I reenter your pants and head straight to your clit, where I begin massaging it. Up and down movements combined with circular movements cause you to squirm in such a way that you probably feel like you are having an erotic dream. I know your spot and how to touch it so I continue my mission to wake you up to an orgasm from my fingers. You start gyrating your hips as I slide down lower and enter your wet vagina, which has obviously been that way for hours.

With eyes still closed, you begin to grab my wrist as if to try and stop my hand from fucking you, but I am a little too strong and determined for that. I want the moisture from your orgasm to flood my hand while I drive so don’t stop me.

Now I can see that you’re awake. “Baby, stop your are going to make me cum and that truck driver is staring at me.” – “Sweetie, he could care less if you nut or not so just relax and close your eyes.”

As you reluctantly ease back into your seat, before your back even touches the seat, you cum so hard you almost break my wrist, which is buried in between your legs.

“Baby, I’m going to mess up my jogging pants!” I ignore your statement as I continue circling and penetrating your pussy until you squeeze out the last drops of satisfaction mixed with moans of pleasure.

“Oooh, I hate you…Why do you insist on ruining all my outfits with my orgasm?” – “You liked it right?” – “Yes, but…” – “But, what…Just hush and here’s a napkin.” As I lean over and passionately kiss your lips. “Clean up, everyone is looking, lol!”

You give me a smirk and proceed to take your jogging pants completely off and THAT is a huge turn on. So much so that I have to adjust to let my dick “stretch out” a little.

As you notice this, you face me, getting on your knees on the seat to face me. You kiss me on the cheek while simultaneously grabbing my dick through my thin dress slacks, tracing his length with your perfectly manicured finger tips and warm hands.

As you stroke him from the outside of my pants, you whisper in my ear, “We haven’t made love in the car since my senior year…” In a completely placid state of mind, I respond, “You are absolutely right…That was the last time your were naked from the waist down in a car as well.”

While you continue your mission of seduction reversal, I again use my free hand to finger and rub your open lips as you kneel on the seat, ass still in the air, with total disregard for the on looking audience, you have now started to attract.

As I insert my still slightly moist fingers into you and again find that spot inside you that makes you squirm in pleasure, even when you don’t want to, you bite my ear, grabbing my dick a little harder. In between your next climax and the extraction of my completely solid dick, you bury your head in my lap. First you tease the tip with licks from the tip of your tongue and kisses from your, lip glossed and full lips.

Now even a little nervous, I am still paralyzed in stopping you. I don’t want to stop you. I want you to taste all of me and choke on the erection and swelling you’ve caused.

Going deeper and fitting your lips to my dick like shrink wrap, you get me almost to the point of eruption, then STOP!

“Oh, shit, baby their is a state trooper behind us.” – “Okay, sweetheart, just relax and sit back down.”

How foolish was I to think that you were actually nervous. as the trooper pulls up next to us, you continue jacking my dick, which hasn’t managed to go down at all. I try and maintain a plastered smile on my face.

We both let out a huge sigh of relief as he continues past us, with only a nod and tip of his hat.

Before I can get out, “I hate your guts…” you have found a way to straddle me and plant my dick so deep inside you that you close your eyes and tighten up your whole body to brace yourself.

I then knew how the back of a horse felt, as  you rythmically bounced up and down on my dick I grabbed the steering wheel even tighter, as I tried to maintain my lane while trying not to squirt inside you.

With total disregard for my goal of lane maintenance, you start to ride harder and harder, now gyrating your hips so that my dick touches every side of your pussy. As you worker harder, my eyes start to roll back in my head you neglect to mention you are about to cum, and not just regular. My dick has been hitting your gspot and you are now squirting all over my lap, as you collapse onto me with your arms wrapped around my shoulders.

“Roads are now being cleared and highway patrol is now clearing accidents. For those motorists that need a break to stretch. There is a rest stop 1 mile ahead. Please drive safely and remember to switch positions if you find yourself getting sleepy.”


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