Being Thoughtful Takes Thought

The World English Dictionary defines “thoughtful” as…

  1. considerate in the treatment of other people
  2. showing careful thought
  3. pensive; reflective

Being thoughtful is so simple, even YOU can do it!

First step is to think. Think of the person you’d like to be thoughtful to.

  • What things do they like? (Ex. Sports, fashion, food, etc)
  • What are their interests? (Ex. Technology, travel, foreign language, etc)
  • What makes them smile? (Ex. Seeing family, a favorite movie, a clean house, etc)
  • What are their dreams? (Ex. To be a fashion designer, to own a business, to adopt a child, etc)
  • What are their goals? (Ex. To be debt free, to meet a celebrity, to own a home, etc)
  • What things are important to them? (Ex. Friends and family, career, personal time, etc)

Asking yourself these questions will give you a baseline to start from. This exercise is also a good way to remind yourself of who they really are.

Once you have answers in these areas you can decide what you can do to invoke those positive emotions. (Also see, Creativity by Design)


For her. If you know that she loves puppies and every time she sees one, her heart just melts. You could do one of the following.

  1. Take her to a pet store so that she can interact with them. (Be mindful that this could spark a purchasing conversation :-))
  2. Buy her a calendar to keep at home or work with 12 months of puppie pictures. (Puppy Calendar)
  3. Puppy sit a friend’s puppy, every now and then.
  4. Buy her a greeting card that has a puppy on it or in it.
  5. Take her to a dog park in the area.

For him. If you know that he loves sports and every time he hears someone talking sports he has to jump in. You could do one of the following.

  1. Buy him a jersey of his favorite players for game day.
  2. Wear his favorite jersey with your sexiest matching heels and hair and body in showroom condition.
  3. Take him to a game.
  4. Play that sport with him.
  5. Learn more about his favorite sport, team, and stats.

These are just a few tips that you can use, to BE thoughtful, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

NO EXCUSES! If you need any ideas PLEASE contact me!

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