Part 3 of Cerebral Coitus-Incomplete Conclusion

“Who in THEE hell is at the door, right now?” That’s what I say to myself, as I grab my robe, wipe off my wet fingers, and head to the door to see who is disturbing my mental stimulation.

“Who is it?” – “Hey Danielle, It’s me, Sandra from across the street. You left your garage door open and I didn’t want you to leave it open all night.”

“Is this really happening right now. She has got to be kidding…” As much as I appreciate living in a neighborhood that looks out for each other, I surely would not have minded Jay, Breaking and Entering my pussy lips right now.

“Oh shit!” I hope he didn’t hang up!

“Thanks, Sandra. I’ll close it now!”

After making sure Sandra made it safely back across the street, I rush back to the couch where my phone sat, hoping Jay was still holding.

“Jay! Jay!” Dang it! He hung up, which I should have expected. Well I’ll call him back as soon as I close this garage. I can’t believe that I even thought in my head he was going to be at the front door. I really need to go to sleep. I am not going to let him keep me wet all night like he did last night.

Honestly though, that was going to be a tall order for me, especially since he had already displayed such skill in mentally and emotionally stimulating my mind’s clit and my heart’s gspot. I guess my body had no choice, but to follow.

“Damn, this kitchen floor is cold.” As I scurry to the garage door, through the kitchen. As I open the back door and reach my hand around the corner to shut the door without exposing my hard nipples through my robe to any passer-by,  I smell it. Issey Miyake. Jay wore that the night we went out.

Just then, an immediate pause struck my body. My forehead, neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs all began to perspire at the same time, like morning due on grass blades. My already hard nipples began to stiffen up a little more, now showing plainly through my robe. My stomach muscles began to tighten up. My clit began to throb as I slowly rubbed my thighs together, slightly crossing one leg over the other, in order to, in some way, hide my arousal, but from who?

“Dani, you have been trying to fight the feeling I give you since mentally masturbating in Chemistry class, during your college days.” Dammit. There she goes again. My pussy is using my mind against me again. She knows how bad I need to be face down, gripping my best 1000 count sheets and biting my lip as I try to take all of him as he slowly impales me. His long, deep strokes, stretching my pussy out both wider and deeper, inch by inch, until he is inside me as deep as he can go.

She also knows how turned on I got when I caught a glimpse of Jay’s upper chest tattoos that barely showed through his partially buttoned, short sleeve, polo shirt. She knows just how much I wanted to kiss it. Now that I think about it, that would have been very selfish, because it would have probably turned me on more than him.

After what seemed to feel like hours, I snap out of it and press the garage door button. As the garage door nears the bottom, I see head lights flash from a car, I didn’t even realize was parked in my driveway, since I failed to look out into the garage.

OMG! It’s Jay! I stop the garage from closing, leaving only a “Jay sized” gap at the bottom.

I immediately close the back door in shock as I slide back in the house. “What is he doing here?”

“Dani, are you okay?” Is what I hear, as I can tell he’s walking up to the garage door.

“Yes, just give me a minute!” Now I am scurrying to pick up around the house. I was not expecting this. I throw a couple of purses and shoes back into my bedroom closet, throw the towel on the couch into the dirty clothes hamper, and rush back to the door.

As I reopen the back door to tap the garage door opener again, Jay is standing right there… My heart stops.

“Dani, are you okay? When you didn’t call me back I got worried, because the last thing you said was that someone was at the door.” – “I’m fine, Jay, you just surprised me. I didn’t expect you to be coming over tonight.”

“Well I guess we’re even, because I didn’t expect to be so worried about you, that I would drive over at this time of night.” – “Touche” We share a laugh, as usual, as I invite him in.

“Dani, I can’t stay, I have to be up early in the morning and just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound. So you’re really okay?” – “Yes, I’m fine.” In my most disappointed, Jay, I would sex you all the way to sleep and back awake, voice :-(.

“Okay, Dani, just making sure. Oh, one other thing…” At that moment, Jay turned into Mr. Jay. As he reached in to give me a hug, he completely loosened the tie holding my robe together, snuck his hands inside and around my waist, and kissed my lips. THAT, was all she wrote. I think I damn near came from that alone. I hadn’t been held like that in months. My nipples pressed against his wife beater and t-shirt covered chest and my soft and now completely exposed vagina pressed against the front of his slacks.

While kissing me, his large, strong hands, began to slide down to my ass, gripping each cheek and squeezing, as the kisses became more passionate, like he wanted me riding his hard dick right then.

Taking care not to neglect my erect and throbbing nipples, he moves to my neck and shoulders, while at the same time whispering, “Dani, are you still doing okay?” He is killing me right now and I am doing my best not to pull his dick out and sit right on it in my garage.

Now at the point of almost orgasm, due to his gentle, yet firm grip on my ass and his lips currently detailing each nipple with the correct balance of biting, sucking, and licking, he inserts his long finger into her from behind. At that point he was able to truly see how wet I really was.

That was all she wrote. I instantly came on his finger. Quietly that time, only loud enough to get out a moan and a “Jayyyy”, while hugging his neck so tightly, I almost choked him as I orgasmed with my eyes tightly closed!

Seconds later as the sensitivity wore off, I grabbed the crotch of his pants. “Damn, he is bulging right now!” I loosen his belt buckle, button, and zipper, dropping his pants to the floor and exposing his hard dick in his boxer briefs, almost begging me to release him.

I squat down in front of him and prepare to show him what I can do. I lick his head like a lollipop, before working my way down his shaft, going a little deeper with each suck. As I try my best to deep throat him, I look up and notice that his eyes are closed and his head is leaning back on the hood of my car.

I can feel the fluid inside his dick start to move through him as I stop, stand up, and grab his hand, leading him behind me to the kitchen. I take my place on the kitchen table, where I open my legs as wide as they could go and begin rubbing my clit, with the anticipation that he would catch the hint and do what he wanted to do with me.

Before I could start rubbing her good, he had already closed the distance between us and replaced my fingers with the tip of his dick. Which he used to circle my clit, using moisture from deep inside me.

He began to stimulate me so much that the second orgasm was creeping up on me. A couple more rubs from his dick and I verbally notified him of my quickly approaching climax. Just as a scream out that I’m cumming again, he simultaneously buried all eight or so inches of his dick into my vagina, acting as a long shock absorber to my muscles spasms.

I squirmed a little as the orgasm, pleasure, and pain all struck me at once, but after a couple deep strokes and staring in his intent eyes, I could feel nothing but pleasure.

OMG! Stroke after stroke, for what seemed like hours, left my pussy bruised and battered. Jay and I touched just about every aspect of sex that night, from touches, to oral, to intercourse, in just about every room in my house.

My last orgasm was so hard and my pussy clinched up so tight that he had no choice, but to pull out spray himself all over my stomach.

“What a workout!” – “Yes, it was. Dani, I told you what I was going to do to you when I had the chance.

“Ding Dong!” Not again, “Jay, hold on one second for me. I’ll be right back.”

I locate my robe and head to the living room where I look through the window to see if I could see who it was. I see Jay’s car which I expected, but did not see any other vehicle. “Dang it, it could be Sandra again.” I answer the door and Jay is standing there.

“Dani, are you okay? When you didn’t call me back I got worried, because the last thing you said was that someone was at the door.” – “I’m fine, Jay, you just surprised me. I didn’t expect you to be coming over tonight.”

My pussy struck again! Some things never change…


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