Part 1 of Cerebral Coitus

“He’s nice but he’s not my type.” That’s the first thing that crossed my mind when he walked away. “Besides, I’m not even my cutest. He was probably just gassin’ my head anyway.” I couldn’t deny his strategic approach though. It actually made me smile.

Thinking about what just happened…

“Can you even cook?” – “Excuse me?!”
“Can you cook?” – “Yeah, but do I know you?” In my stern face.

With his hand extended to greet me. “My name is Jay. What’s yours?” – “My name is Danielle. Why’d you ask if I could cook?”
“Well, I noticed that you had canned tomato sauce, canned vegetables, a ground beef log, and spaghetti noodles in your basket. On top of that, even with your hair in a ponytail and looking very attractive in your jogging pants and wife beater, you are slim, so I know you ain’t eatin’ good.” – “Ha! Very funny.” We both share a laugh.

“So what are you, a chef or something?” – “Not even close, but I’m success driven so I’ll do my best at whatever I do.”

Secretly, I love a hard working man.

He was about 5’9″, light skinned, and a little heavier than what I’m used to. There was no reason for me to believe that this was going anywhere, besides a “grocery store laugh”. WTH, I’m single and have been for months, so didn’t I owe it to myself to see if he could make me smile? If he would make me cry? If I could positively impact his life, or vice versa? If he could kiss me the way I wanted, if he could make my body mold to his like Play doe?

Of course I did. Who was I fooling?

“I know its close to dinner time and I don’t want to keep you, but would it be okay to call you sometime? If you say yes, I promise to give you free cooking lessons at your leisure. ” – “I think that would be fine and only if you know what you’re doing.”

That verbal exchange is followed by a huge smile from both of us. “Dammit, he brought it out of me and that doesn’t happen all the time, especially when I’m in a rush, but he did read me very well.”

Numbers are exchanged and we both go our separate ways.

Before I knew it a couple of weeks had already gone by and things were going pretty well.
Although, often very busy at my job as lead researcher for the FDA and Jay finding time in between installations for his own electronics business, a high level of interest allowed us to make time whenever we could. Even more so, after discussing past relationships and how we had both made a habit of making excuses. Make that too many excuses, every now and then.

We made a good habit of talking at least twice a week. Once on Tuesday and once on Thursday. He had an interesting philosophy about this.

Jay always prided himself on being the analytical perfectionist, he felt like Tuesday was a great day to see how your weekend had gone as well as how your “Mad House Monday” had gone. He thought that Thursday was also a great day to see how your week had gone as well as, more importantly to see what you had planned for the weekend.

Now that second piece was interesting to me, because he hadn’t asked me out yet. I can honestly say I started to wonder what we were really doing. Most guys I’d met before, wasted no time in trying to “get next to me”. Something was different about him.

I was so used to the big city, speed dating “game” guys would apply, that once again, he threw me for a loop with his approach.

Why is this Thursday going so slow? I asked myself that same question every hour since lunch time. Not sure why though. I had nothing planned and the only options were, Jay, who I expected to talk to after work, and Thomas, who was a cute guy at my job, but who’s background proved to be a little much for me to get over, especially since he was well known around the office for targeting women of color, so I couldn’t shake the feeling of always questioning his agenda, bur he was handsome and very polite.

“Join me tonight…” That’s what the 3:15pm text read, from Jay. Immediately, I sat up in my chair, instantly shaking off the mental cobwebs that were starting to form from staring at my computer screen.

This was odd, since he normally spent Thursday night’s with the guys. Was he going to have me join them? Not sure I wanted to hang with the guys tonight, but to see him, sure. Hell I had to just go for it. He had already proven to be well adept at mentally and emotionally stimulating me so I figured a little QT in person would be nice.

“Count me in. Time? Place? What should I wear? (Just in case I am too sexy tonight and you try and kidnap me, lol)”

“It’s almost 4:15pm and no response. I hope I didn’t offend him.”

“6:30pm. 1544 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia. Where something…” He is so silly, but I like that too!

Suddenly, 5pm has arrived and my jacket is already on and ready to leave. I clean up my desk and hit the elevator with the rest of my coworkers.

I get to the parking deck attendant to pay…”Hey Miss Lady, You have a good day?” – “Yes, Charles, How about yourself?” – “Good, but not as good as your’s. Your smile is glowing today!” – “Thanks Charles, I hope to have a good night as well…”

I pull off and head home as fast as traffic will allow. Thinking the whole way about the surprise evening we are going to have… “No sex, No sex, No sex!” Yes, a little self convincing can go along way. I hadn’t had good sex in about three months, so yes she was throbbing at the thought of his calming, sexy, and seductive voice and although I could avoid just random sex. I really liked him so I was going to need her to be calm tonight. (She has been known to randomly wet up that small strip of panty in between my legs, so she was sure to cause me some pleasurable grief)

He arrived at the door and my mouth almost dropped. He was so different than the jogging pants I had seen him in a couple weeks prior. He was clean cut, well dressed, and damnit he smelled good. (The lips looking soft didn’t hurt either…Strange how the lips on his face caused the lips in my panties to get slightly moist.)

“Hi Danielle, You look gorgeous. I will probably stare at you all night, but don’t let it go to your head and some how start to think I like you…:-) I have also let my momma know where I was, just in case my cologne was too much for you and somehow, I wind up missing.”

We both laugh and exit the front door and head to his car, where he surprisingly opened the door and closed it behind me taking time to make sure my skirt was not hanging out of the car door…”This boy is trying to get my pussy…Nope…No…No…Not tonight anyway…” I know I should expect that type of politeness these days, but frankly it just doesn’t happen much, so yes I was pleasantly surprised.

We take a very nice scenic drive to the city and arrive at the address. “Cook’s Warehouse. Lord! I’ve heard of this place. Is he about to make me cook?” I think to myself.

WE HAD A GREAT TIME AND I AM STUFFED. Yes, I am yelling. Our date was SO refreshing. I swear that between the cooking lessons and eating and drinks, he asked me 25 questions. I do like his style. He pays attention to damn near everything, while also letting me talk and express myself. He seems genuine, but time will tell.

As we ride home he asks me a random question. “Danielle, What three things are you thinking, right now?”

“Hmmm…1. I really enjoyed our date. 2. I have never done that before 3. You look really nice tonight.”

“4. My pussy is sooo wet in these panties and I really wish I could take your right hand and show you…” Damnit, Please tell me I didn’t just say that. “You didn’t, but I am thinking it…” – “Damnit, here she goes running her mouth. My pussy has a mind of her own sometimes, so whew, I am glad I wasn’t speaking what she was feeling…”

“I like those three.” Jay replies back to me. “Ok, so what are your three?”

“Do I have to be honest? LOL” – “Uh, Don’t play with me, yes you have to be honest and stop thinking so hard and answer, lol!”

“Fine, 1. I am very attracted to you. 2. I had fun there as well and would love to go again with you. 3. The way you cut the tomatoes during class told me that you have poise and a good grip, as well as smooth movements when you concentrate. Random, I know, but I was watching.”

“I would love for you to watch your dick sliding into my tight wet pussy right now. I would love to grip the steering wheel with my hands, while my pussy gripped your dick. I would love to concentrate on not cumming so hard I kick this stick shift out of gear.”

“Pussy, stop it!” (Thank God I am able to think internally as opposed to him hearing what I am thinking…)

We arrive back at my house around 9:30pm and I am anxious to lay my horny ass down. Yes, with him next to me, but I know better. I know that if his love making abilities are anywhere near the mental and emotional stimulation, I’ll be quickly changing into “wifey mode” and apply time demands that I need to ease into.

Before I can finish the thought, I am being helped out of the car, Jay holding my hand so romantically and with  deliberate strength.

As soon as I was upright enough to walk he reached under my skirt and grabbed my vagina, that was pulsating and extremely moist. With barely any time elapsing, he also kissed me as we stood there on the side walk. The kiss seemed to take forever as he manipulated his finger around my panties and planted the tips of his fingers directly on my clit. With slight gyrations mixed with penetrations, he found her spot…”This is going to be bad.” I think to myself, because if I cum standing here on this side walk, he is getting dragged in the house.”

He continues touching me so softly for the next couple minutes, I am unable to hide my approaching orgasm. “Damn…He has her pumping in no time at all and I am now realizing he knows me physically or has learned me in 5 fucking minutes…”

“I know he is not about to fuck me out here…” He snatches my panties down to my ankles and bends me over, my front half of my body inside the car door window, grabbing the door and trying to hold on for dear life as he digs so deep from behind, I have to reach back to regulate his stroke. There it is…I feel that shit all through me.” It feel like his dick is touching every nerve ending in my body.

I cum again, almost ripping his break away mirrors off. He drops to his knees and starts to suck on my juices from behind as I try my best to keep up with the stimulation change mixed with a truly sensitive clit…

“Danielle, Danielle!” – “What?”

“Sweetheart, We’ve been standing at your door for the last three minutes and you kinda zoned out. Are you okay?” – “Uh, yes, Um, I need to go lay down. I guess I am a little tired.”

Jay, gives me the sweetest kiss on the cheek and that’s when it hit me…That little thing in between my legs took me through a scenario that had never fucking happened. I am way too horny.

I watch his sexy ass walk to his car from my living room window, waving with one hand and vibrator in the other…Long night ahead.

I try and finish her off and take a shower and hop in the bed.


I check my phone, looking forward to his text to let me know he made it home.

“Danielle, I just made it home. BTW, you didn’t break my mirror. That’s why they are called break away. *wink*

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