Part 3 of The Love Note: Sesenta y Nueve

“I can’t believe you…” You think to yourself. “Now, here I am tired, still wet, horny, and now hungry as hell.”

Which is funny, because you never felt hungry during sex. Maybe that’s because the body has an interesting way of shutting other bodily functions down while having sex. Somehow you don’t seem to cough, sneeze, or anything else when you and I make love…

But now back to the subject.

“Now that I think about it, this boy has been damn near “mind fucking” me all day long and I haven’t eaten since…”


“Room service.”

“I didn’t order any room service,” is all you can muster as you lay relaxed on the couch, still wearing your tattered clothes from earlier’s escapades. Then you think to yourself, “I bet this is more of his craziness.”

So without giving it a second thought, you jump up, throwing on a robe for coverage and race to the door hoping they hadn’t left yet.

“Hi. I’m sorry for the wait. I had to get dressed. How can I help you?”

“Just delivering your order, ma’am. Can you sign here?”

You pull off the sterling silver cover and damn near pass out from the appetizing aroma hitting your face.
Fried chicken, steak, pork chops baked potato, greens, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and salad.

It’s time to eat! You go to work, devouring as much as your stomach would allow.

45 minutes later, you sluggishly wake up and drag your feet to the restroom to take a long hot shower. After a quick shower and lotion up you get dressed and sit on the couch trying to figure out what you are supposed to do now.

“Ring, ring ring….”

“Who could be calling me at this number? No one knows I’m here.”

You answer the phone after a couple more rings. “Hello.” “Yes, ma’am this is the front desk; your car is downstairs waiting for you. I must say, it’s gorgeous!”

“Thank you, but I haven’t called down to valet to have my car brought up yet. There must be some mistake.”

“Ma’am we received a phone call just a couple minutes ago, requesting that the vehicle for this room be brought up as soon as possible.” “The caller mentioned that you would be needing to get home, due to a leaky faucet on hard wood, something like that. We were confused as well.”

“He is so nasty,” you think to yourself, as you gather your things and make your way down stairs.

As you drive 450 miles per hour back home, thoughts run through your head. You’ve never had a day like this before. It feels good to feel appreciated and cared about and loved and lusted after. “He is going to get it when I get home.”

“I’m calling him. I don’t care what he says!”

“Hey Sweetie, how are you? I should be leaving work shortly.”

“Oh really? So you’ve been hard at work all day?”

“Yes, why do you ask? Oh, well we did have a small leak this evening, that very quickly turned into a much larger one. I tried contacting maintenance, but until they arrived I ended up plugging the hole myself. It was a deep hole, but I managed.”

“I’m sure you did…” When are you coming home?”

“I just have a couple more things to finish, then I’ll be on my way.”

“Did you want me to start dinner? Since I’ll get home before you get off?” “Honey! Baby, you there?”


“Yeah, what?”

“What are you wearing?”

“That’s random. Why do you ask?”

“Well since I always leave before you, I wasn’t sure what you wore. So tell me.”

“Well, I am wearing my grey pencil skirt, white ruffled blouse, red belt and red heels.” “Happy now?”

“Are you not wearing any panties?”

“Well I was, but I had to take them off. They got damaged, or do you not know anything about that either?”

“Damaged how? Flooding?”

“Ha ha. Very funny.” “What are you doing, because it doesn’t sound like work?”

Brief pause and moan.

“Uh nothing, just talking to you.”

“Is he hard? It sounds like he is.”

“Yes, just a little.”

“A little, huh? I know what that means.” “That means you wish I was at work with you right now, helping you stroke it, don’t you?”


“Well, just so you know, I am touching her right now and she is really wet. She’s been wet all day! Her lips are open and she is basically perspiring with her juices dripping down each lip, like sweat running down each side of your face.” “Wait a minute! You are not about to make me cum in this damn car, I am almost home.”

“Since you are almost home, why don’t you come upstairs and help me?”

“WTF, I thought you were at work?”

“I am at working and working very hard too!”

You arrive at the house and pull into the garage, almost leaving the car running while trying to get out and see what surprise you’ve been waiting to finish off all day long.

As you open the door to the kitchen, you are quickly greeted, by a naked hug. A hug so tight, I lift your body off the ground in excitement. With the door still open, I forcefully push you back into the garage, forcing you backwards and onto the hood of the car, all while still passionately kissing you.

You let out a slight moan as the warm air hits your exposed clitoris, sending a deep tingling sensation through your body and causing your open legs to shiver in reaction.

She puckers her moist, wet, and waiting lips, as if to say, “French Kiss Me!” Being the good, subliminal direction following man I am, I go right under your skirt and begin.

I use my thumbs to spread your lips open. Then I slowly insert my tongue into the entry way to your vagina, which is already wet from my aggressive seduction. You clinch as you try your best to relax. You can’t help it as she leaks small tear drops down your butt cheeks. I go as far in as I can, as you grab my shoulders in pleasure filled grips. Then pulling my tongue out, almost completely until only the tip is left inserted, I stroke northward, gathering your juices along the way up through the waterfall of your pussy until I get to your clit. She is now pulsating in arousal and satisfaction. I pucker my cream soaked lips and kiss her. Not like a simple peck, but in such a way that causes you to reminisce about a time when I sucked both of your nipples the same way.

As you look down at the top of my head bouncing up and down on your clit, your eyes roll back and your head drops as you whisper, in a quivering voice, “Shiiiiittttt”.

Wow, I can taste her pushing juices out of the opening like a reverse pump. After completing the exercise at location one, I proceed to the next obstacle.

There is so much intimacy involved in a kiss and in sex…I plan to kill two birds with one stone, but I need your assistance.

I ask you to kindly assist me by holding her open. You do so while also sneaking a couple circulations around your clit before I spend the next 60 seconds doing tricks inside you with my tongue, hoping that, you enjoy the French Kiss as much as I do.

After spending time, giving her some oral QT. I might as well let him give her a kiss as well. I mean she is sitting there, already open to him. He is already sticking straight out pointing to her.

Before I could finish my overly wordy description, you grab him at the shaft and rub him inside your opening, causing him to be covered with her peach nectar. Then you touch the tip of him to your clit as they share a kiss.

You smile in arousal mixed with direct stimulation and start rubbing her more intently as you search for just the right spot on your clit to stimulate. Now closing your eyes while enjoying your personal joystick, you slip up and miss your clit causing him to take a dive into your warm whirlpool of moisture.

At that point you cum again…There was no planning that move, or was it. I guess the feeling of surprise, mixed with the feeling of your pussy being filled up completely, was too much for her as she came and came some more with each stroke for the next 20 seconds…

“Whew…Let’s take a break. I can’t take much more on this hard ass hood!”


I pull out and help you in the house. You make your way to the refrigerator to get just a little water, before continuing. You reach down to the ice dispenser and that’s when you feel it…I’ve grabbed your vibrator and placed it inside you from behind. You lean forward, glass of water in right hand and left hand to brace yourself against the refrigerator door. You start to moan again even more aggressively due to the fact that I have already reached around to rub your clit with my fingers, giving you 2 different types of stimulation.

I am a technician, so I am trying intently to locate your gspot with the vibrator….Found it!… I keep stimulating both until you squirt, in a splash, right onto the floor which is something you’d never ever done.

I remove my fingers from your clit and your vibrator from inside you and hug you passionately from behind, as I move your hair to kiss the back of your neck, whispering how much I love you and have enjoyed planning this whole thing out, just as much as executing it.

You feel my dick rise up in between your legs as you look down and see him peaking from in between your thighs. You start to move back and forth stroking him with your hand and sliding back and forth like you are straddling a hand rail.

I lay down on the kitchen floor and you ride me backwards taking care to fit as much of him inside you as you can.

“Baby, I am about to cum again, come with me.”

I say, “okay”, but yes, I am lying…*wink*

As you reach your next climax, believing I am, orgasmicly, right behind you, I push you off of me and spin you around, and into a, “text book”, 69 position.

I continue where my dick left off, performing oral gymnastics inside you, as you fill your throat with my dick. As I continue to please you and as you are cumming once again, you feel me explode in your mouth, tasting like pineapple so you know I had been drinking my pineapple and Patron. You feel vaginal suction kisses, which is me cleaning you out, for the next couple seconds, as we cum to a close, our 24 hour fantasy…

I hope you enjoyed!



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