Part 2 of The Love Note: Sexual Assault

After resting for another couple minutes, you are anxious to see what surprise awaits you in room 101. You take the elevator up to the first floor, all the while admiring the view of a summer evening in Buckhead, Atlanta. 

“1st floor”, then the elevator doors open. You follow the signs to room 101. “Am I missing something?” You have looked up and down each hallway and to your surprise, there is no 101. The numbers skip from 100 to 102. You call the front desk from the hallway phone. They explain to you that room 101 is actually on the penthouse floor. You smile and continue your ride up. With this being your first experience in a penthouse suite, you suddenly become slightly aroused at the thought of it all.

You arrive at the penthouse suite door; unlock it with the key provided; and open the door to your next unexpected surprise. After opening the door, you drop the key in amazement, and admire the full view. Two story condo style executive suite: Floor to ceiling windows facing the setting sun, master on the first floor with a loft on the second floor overlooking the living room.

As you look around the immaculate surroundings, your observations are interrupted by a knock at the door. “Hotel Maintenance”. You answer the door and a member of management accompanied by hotel maintenance,  asks you to kindly come to the lobby. “Ma’am, there’s a slow leak starting in the middle of your room. Have you seen or experienced in dampness or moisture in the area?” With a chuckle you can barely hide, you answer, “I haven’t noticed any major leaks, but you are welcome to check the room.” 

“Ma’am, we appreciate your cooperation and should be done shortly.” 

You oblige, thinking to yourself how bad you just want to disrobe and lay across the bed. “Wait a minute,” you think to yourself, “Where is my next note? Oh well!”, you say to yourself, “When they let me back in I’ll look for it.”

While waiting in the lobby, as management checks something in the computer, a well dressed sales person from the hotel store, hands you a note and invites you into the hotel boutique. 

While wondering how in the world he knew you were the right person, you ask the sales person, “Uh…Quick question…How do you know this note is for me?”

He responds, “This message was left for me by my manager. It described you in meticulous detail, would you like to see it?” ”Yes, that would be nice” He pulls the note from his inside pocket and hands it to you…The front of the envelope reads, “Room 101 – 6:30pm – Pretty Girl” You smile as you open the letter and expand the trifolded letter that read: 

“The recipient of this letter is gorgeous. She has beautiful brown skin and eyes to match (but don’t look too close). She’s ambitious, so you’ll be able to tell by her walk and the way she looks right through your eyes when she stares at you. She is passionate, so her smile will allow you ample evidence of her love of happiness and sensual disposition.”

Just then a warm tingle starts to drift through your body. It starts right behind your eyes; travels around your neck and down your spine; follows your waistline around to the front of your stomach and straight up through the center of your chest; then to the left and right circling the areola of each breast then down the side of your waist splitting at your warm and slightly aroused vagina; down each beautiful brown thigh, until it reaches your toes, that you curl inside your tomato red Manolo pumps. He taps you on the shoulder, interrupting the flow of arousal and hands you a bag. Enclosed is a Japanese Kimono dress that just so happens to match your pumps.

The hotel manager returns, apologizes for the delay, and offers you a free drink in the hotel lounge, which you gladly accept and drink before even getting back to the elevator. 

You get off on the penthouse and head back to the room, where you find the door partially open. You enter slowly still not sure if this is part of another one of my sinister plots or if maintenance just forgot to close it…

You give the place a walk through and find the room empty…

Just then, you notice a man-sized lump in the middle of the master bed. “Bingo! I know I got him now!” You assume I am sleeping or at least trying to surprise you. You reach to pull the covers back, someone grabs you from behind. Right arm at your waist and left on your breast. In a fit of fear, you attempt to scream, but suddenly stop? Why? Is it because you can smell the cologne that you know I wear; or is it because the kiss that has just been forcefully applied to the back of your neck, reminds you of my kiss. 

Either way, at that moment, while still anxious, you begin to let your guard down, which is still risky seeing as you have not yet seen who was behind you.

The obviously aroused assailant, which you can tell by his hard and long dick, pressing against your ass, then pulls out a blindfold and wraps it around your eyes, while also asking you to stay calm so you don’t get hurt. Next your hands are tied, firmly with ribbon behind your back. The ruthless criminal kisses you passionately on the lips, seemingly sucking all the resistance and stress from the day out of your body. He takes your hand and places each finger around his shaft, which has come out of his pants. With your back to him, you stroke vigorously. almost as if you weren’t being forced to do so. After feeling every inch and vein and curve of his completely solid shaft, you are surprised by what he says next. 

“What do you think you are doing?” “Is that supposed to feel good?” you timidly respond, “It doesn’t feel good because you seem pretty hard?”

I laugh, (I mean he) laughs and drags you into the other room and sits you on the suede ottoman in middle of the living room. “Sit your ass down,” he demands as he spreads your legs and rips your panties from your body, showing his brute force and focus on taking your pussy from you, only to extract the cum from it and give it back to you when he’s ready. 

Your legs are spread wide and pussy lips already blossomed open showing a thin line of pussy juice dripping down the center like rain drops on a window pane. He then parts your vagina lips with his tongue and begins an assault of licks, sucks, and French kisses, that send your whole body into such a frenzy that you can’t help, but release your passion all over his face and chest.

Now seemingly interested, by your flood of juice, he rips your blouse off, taking care to send every innocent button flying across the floor. He grabs your waist, hands still bound and proceeds to detail your breasts and erect nipples in such a way, that you question all previous sexual experiences before him. He knows when to bite and how hard and he knows when to suck and how soft…Surprisingly enough, he also knows how to slide the head of his dick right up into the opening of your lady, without you even realizing it. 

Like a bull dozer busting through the walls of a dam…As he entered slowly, but forcefully she welcomed him in, covering him with a thick glaze of cum, juices and sweat (which by the way turned me on more…him I mean).

As he alternates between kissing your lips and nipples and neck while, now, deep stroking every inch inside you he then realized something hadn’t happened yet…”Pretty Girl…I want you to cum for me.” “I want to feel you contract every muscle in your body around me.” “I want you to masturbate with my dick until you can’t…” “Baby…Stop ttttalkin so much, I’m c-cumming right, now for the second time…Can’t you feel…it…Oh shit” you scream, as you break free from the hand tied ribbon and wrap your arms around my shoulders. 

“Wow,” you sigh, as you fall back on to the over sized ottoman…I say, “I’ll be right back,” as you assume I am heading to the bathroom to clean off.

He quietly slips out, as you decide, after a couple of minutes, that the blind fold comes off, lol! 

You call my name, “Hurry up! I want you to cum too.” No response. That’s weird! You make your way to the bathroom, where you find a maintenance uniform that you pick up which reads…”Thorough Plumbing – We go as deep as your pipe will allow and always cause leaks…”

Under the hat on the counter is another note that reads…”I love you and To be continued…”


  1. WWWOOOWWW!!! LOL, What a welcomed sexual assault!! You should comprise a group of short stories so I can put this on my book shelf!! lol

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