Part 1 of The Love Note

Having a busy schedule is no excuse for us. We always make time to keep things interesting in our relationship. Since it’s my turn I plan to do something slightly different.

I am running a little late, getting off work, which is nothing unusual. The fact that it’s Friday only makes it “suck” a little more, but since it’s my fault, I’ll have to just “suck” just a little more later. *wink*

You beat me home and prepare to start dinner. You open up the refrigerator door, in search of something to make, only to find a note taped to a, completely chilled, bottle of Moscato D’ Asti.

The note reads, “Baby, I truly appreciate you.” “Turn to your right and open the pantry door.” You do and there you find another note, taped to a set of wine glasses with, “Read Me…”, attached to one of them.

This note reads, “Take these glasses, along with the bottle of wine, to 3377 Peachtree St. NE.  (use valet)” “There you will find further instructions.”

With an excited grin on your face you think to yourself to call me, but notice on the back of the second note are the words, “Do not contact me, just follow directions!” You laugh and reluctantly comply.

After driving 900 hundred miles per hour to the destination, you realize you are pulling up to the “W” in Buckhead. You use valet, but realize you have no idea what you are doing there. You think to at least text me, before remembering my previous request of NO CONTACT. At that very moment, a woman approaches and asks your name. “Ma’am is your nickname, Pretty Girl?” Startled by the reference, you reply, “Yes” while trying to hide your blushing face. She then points you to the spa area.

As you enter, they take the glasses and wine from your hands and offer you a room to change in, explaining that you’ll need to disrobe for your full body massage. You hadn’t had one of those in a couple weeks, so it was about time.

After doing so, you lie down on the massage table. The room set to the perfect temperature. A deep breath releases itself from your chest, as you relish in the curiously arousing moment.

The massage begins; starting at your neck and shoulders; traveling to your upper back, then down to your lower back; then concludes with your thighs, calves, and feet.

30 minutes goes by just like that and before you know it you are starting to dose off, barely notice that the hands of the massage therapist have started to creep up to your beautifully rounded ass. You quickly and curiously turn around, in the dimly lit room, with a formal complaint and curse words written all over your face and ready to be unleashed.

Before you are even able to roll your neck good, you hear a whisper. “Is there something wrong with the massage, Pretty Girl?” At the same time you feel one hand pushing you back down, while the other is gripping your waist.

At the very moment, my very strategic “masseuse switch”, has been revealed, your gently forming smile suddenly evolves into a beautifully, serious grin of satisfaction, as I insert my erect and out stretched tongue inside the wet lips of your instantaneously wet and warm vagina. You firmly grab the corners of the massage table as you slowly spread your legs apart and raise your ass. Only your lower body performs the adjustment, as your warm breasts and hard nipples, stay firmly pressed to the massage table.

In and out I go as you back up to my face, while I use my free hands to spread your cheeks and lips apart for maximum penetration. In a very similar motion to the way you grab my dick with your hands and stroke it; You are jacking my tongue off with your creamy, pussy lips, but in this case you get to cum and not me. It’s “pleasing you” time.

I continue slowly fucking you with my tongue, while directing you to wet your fingers then rub on your clit, so I politely take your fingers and suck them, applying enough saliva to get you started, because my hands are obviously occupied.

After a couple of minutes pass, you are starting to gyrate and force my tongue deeper inside you, so I know you are about to orgasm. Your stomach starts to tighten: legs start to quiver from muscle spasms; and breathing starts to increase, as you feel physical reactions similar to volcanic eruptions welling around inside your pussy walls, ready to implode and explode creamy contractions, literally at the same time.

I brace myself and take a deep breath, similar to the preparation a swimmer makes before for a dive in the deep end of the pool. “Baby, I’m starting to…uh…I’m starting to cum so please, baby, don’t stop.” As much as I would love to respond and tell you to keep pushing your juices out, until your hip, foot and stomach muscles hurt; my mouth is full of your creamy sweet cum, so the timing isn’t the greatest.

After a couple more orgasms, you collapse to the canvas, like a knocked out boxer. As you deeply breathe in the reminders of such a passionate scene in your own adult film fantasy, you breathe out the physical reactions of such deep stimulation.

And just like that, your ass is covered back up with towels and the original masseuse is back and my cum soaked chest, chin and tongue are gone.

You feel a tap on the shoulder, as the masseuse hands you a folded card that reads…Room 101…Key attached.

To be continued…


  1. “To be continued”?!?!? Seriously…you can’t just stop in the middle like that! Your teasing the readers! Can’t wait for part 2.

  2. This is the best!! LOL, Im soooo glad part 2 is already up!! Its too early in the morning to be thinking about these types of things lol. Nathan your writting is so amazingly vivid and uniquely realistic. Although its called a fantasy this situation is easily constructed…..bravo….headed to part 2….

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