When Unisex is Bad

I’ve learned over the years that, in life, you never know what the next day will bring. At most, you only have an idea. 

Saturday morning, I am up an at ’em. Never really sleeping too hard is something I pride myself on. By hard, I do mean deep and by deep, I do mean sound. I must clarify; because our emotional and sexual connections mostly replaces the actual meaning for a word with the sexually explicit meaning, you and I can understand with our eyes closed. 

Kind of like the night we were blind folded in the beachside condo in Miami with total darkness; a bottle of White Zinfandel; baby oil; and fresh fruit to entertain us. Before that night, I can honestly say we had never made love that passionately for that long before. I think you came five times driving your fingernails into my back with each pulsating, muscle clinching orgasm. 

Side Note: It’s strange, the powerful connection we have after dating for a little over three months. 

“Now where was I?”

After waking up, I workout for an hour; then take a shower; and get dressed. I forward you a text I received from a friend regarding tickets to a comedy show this evening. There are about six other friends going so it should be fun. You respond, “Sure, just need to get a couple of things done that evening, but I should be available.” I’ll take that as a yes, because when you decide you are going to get something done, little can stop that. 🙂 Just another thing I love about you. 

As they day goes on I am feeling a little accomplished myself. I was able to meet with 3 clients and complete two renovations. Business is good. As the evening draws near and the anticipation grows at the thought of seeing you, I iron my clothes after my nightly workout and prepare to get dressed. Now fresh out of the shower you can imagine me toned and oiled up with lotion I put on my stomach down to my pelvis where you like to touch the V cut area and still slightly aroused from thinking about you. So after getting dressed, it’s about show time. I jump in the Maserati Quattroporte and head over to Uptown Comedy corner. 

I hate not picking you up, but you have explained on numerous occasions that when we have too much privacy, Good Sex Happens. Lol. I can respect that. I am wearing that favorite cologne you like. The kind that makes you hug me for a couple of seconds longer. That kind that makes you close your eyes a little tighter when we kiss. The kind that gets my clothes off a little faster when we have privacy. The kind…You get the drift! 

I pull up to the club and the line is long. I see you towards the end and damn near ran over the parking lot attendant staring at your smile. Lost track of where the hell I was. After parking and almost forgetting to put the car alarm on, I rush up to see you. I got dirty looks from others as I crept up next to you and gave you the biggest hug lifting you off the ground. 

As a FYI, standing behind you for more than 5 minutes, smelling your aroma as well as looking at your body in that outfit was legal grounds for “visual sexual assault”. 

As the bouncer heads down the line directing people to get in a straight line, someone backs into you then you back into me. I brace your fall as a “vertical spoon” takes place, lol. You turn around and smile as you whisper, “Is everything ok?” in my most sexy non aroused, but lying voice I say, “Yeah I’m cool it’s just a little hard out, I mean cold out. 🙂 

You respond, “Sweetie it’s 75 degrees”, as I respond with a “Shut up and turn around”, lol. Since you wanna be a comedian now, I wanna see how funny moist boy shorts are. I reach around you like I am giving you a hug from behind and due to the compact crowd, no one is the wiser of my inappropriateness. As not to make your skirt fall completely down, I work my fingers around to the front, pelvic region of your dress as I outlined your vagina with my middle finger. Not truly concerned at first, you start to snuggle into me comfortably, yet ironically also uncomfortably at the same time, because at that moment you realize two things. 

1. That I don’t need to actually be inside your panties to stimulate you and that I can find your most sensitive areas with no help needed. 

2. That you are no longer as calm, cool, and collected as you thought you were, now throbbing and slightly moist. 

After standing in line for another 20 minutes (and 1 orgasm later), we finally get inside and locate our other friends who had been waiting for a while. All we get is smirks and jokes as we sit down. “What were you all doing that you couldn’t get here on time?” “Nothing”, we respond as we sit and order a couple of drinks and some chicken fingers and fries. 

30 minutes flies by… Damn, these comedians are hilarious. We are enjoying every act and with two drinks a piece in us, we are starting to feel that “tipsy tingle”. The tipsy feeling and the “other” feeling, lol. “I wonder if she is still aroused?” is what I ask myself as I reach down under the table-cloth in the dimly lit club and spread your legs apart, running my finger along the inside of your warm, soft thighs. 

At that very moment you’re friend starts up a conversation with you. You flinch as you try not to interrupt the conversation, yet you then start to ease your legs apart almost inviting my hands to continue their journey north. I run my fingertips up your inner thighs to your Victoria Secrets and pull your panties to the side exposing your most sensitive area, all under the distraction of drinks friends and comedians. As I start to massage you, in a circular motion, you reach your hand under the table and lightly slap my hand as if to say stop, but not really… I am hard-headed, literally, so I continue rubbing, now a little faster than before. I then reach down deeper and enter you as far as I can at that angle. I begin to firmly rub your gspot until it starts to swell to the point of orgasm. At that point where you are about to explode and can barely maintain eye contact with your friend, you grab my hand as tightly as you can and try to fight the orgasm and muscle contractions vibrating through your body and up your spine. You can’t fight it any longer and you release so hard you drop the chicken finger back into the plate then excuse yourself to the restroom after slapping me in the back of my head and calling me an asshole. 

I looked down at my phone after a couple of minutes and read a text you just sent me. “Come here to the restroom, I have something to tell you.” Without hesitation I also excuse myself from the table and wait in line at the 2 unisex bathrooms next to the stage. Just as I reach the line of 3 people I looked down and check a second text. “I’m in the bathroom on the left”. 

The people in line ahead of me grow frustrated at the slow progress of the left bathroom. “Who in the hell is in there?” they ask. After suggesting that they use the restroom on the right, I go to the left bathroom and text you “I’m at the door”. I turn the handle and the door opens as I quickly close and lock it behind me. “How can I help you—?” You respond, while sitting on the now extremely clean bathroom sink, “Look what you are making me do!” 

You sit on the counter and with panties to your ankles expose your wet fingers which have been sliding in and out of you for the last-minute or so. You hold out your fingers for me to taste. Just like icing. Creamy and sweet and something I don’t mind having sticky on my lips. It turns you on in an interesting way to see me licking your fingers clean of your juices. 

As you scoot to the edge of the counter I drop to my knees, move your fingers out-of-the-way and proceed to slowly and firmly suck your exposed and throbbing clitoris, while also inserting my fingers inside you for multiple stimulation. No time goes by and you are now grabbing my ears and neck. You moan that you are about to come again and just like that you kick the soap dispenser off the wall as your legs open like butterfly wings and you release yourself again. Already extremely aroused from knowing that I am pleasing you, you grab my shirt and pull me up and closer to you whispering, “I wanna feel him”. 

Without a seconds hesitation I use the him to tease you a little…First sliding in only enough to part your lips and cover him in your wetness, then secondly to rub him up and down on your now fully exposed clitoris. You shiver from the slight over stimulation then pull me close again causing me to almost stumble as I slide him all the way inside you as you clinch from the feeling of pleasure and pain intermingled. I first start slowly as you regain your stamina and start rubbing your clitoris with your soaked fingers as I stroke. 

”Why the fuck are you taking so long, damn?” 

Is what we hear as the irritated and bladder filled patrons wait frustrated outside never realizing the fantasy taking place only a door’s thickness away! After about 11 more strokes I place my arms under your knees and lift you up, still placed firmly inside you as you give me the sexiest look of surprise at the passion you haven’t seen before in my eyes. A look that says, “…I can make love to you like this for hours if you let me!” Up and down you slide on top of me coming once, and then twice hugging my neck so tightly that I almost lose a breath! “You know I can feel you pulsating right?” I laugh as I confess to you catching me contract the muscles in my friend. Didn’t think females were the only ones that could manipulate that muscle did you? 

Just as you begin to say yes, I have already pulled out and bent you over holding the edge of the sink as I bulldozed your inner walls trying to make them come crumbling down! “Why are you doing this to me?” (While still stroking) I answer, “Doing what? You started this…If you weren’t so sexy, smart, sensitive, humorous, confident, sexual, passionate, down-to-earth, and friendly, we wouldn’t be in love as much as we are and the sex wouldn’t be so damn good, so come for me one last time so we can get out of this bathroom…Our friends are waiting.” “Ok, baby…Why do you like when I come so much?” “Because, when you are pleased then I am more than pleased so just concentrate and give me one more…” 

As you close your eyes and are now letting me penetrate you from the back while you stand straight up pressed against the bathroom mirror…I can feel your body melting like ice at room temperature. You start to receive me a little slower and deeper…holding on to the back of my neck as our bodies seem to just mesh together… ”I think she is about to come again…here she comes…” 

At that very moment I drop to my knees spreading you wide open as I finish the job with my out stretched tongue and swallow every drop of your honey and cream tasting nectar. 

I wash you off and you do the same for me then we reattached our wrinkled clothes, exchange a hug so tight I lift you off your feet, and we figure out how in the hell we are going to get out of this bathroom without red flags going up, lol!

Things to Remember: Spontaneousness. Creativeness. Sensuality. Unselfishness. 


  1. Good one. You gotta check this other blog called Naked With Socks On(NWSO.net), he has wet Wednesday which are thoroughly enjoyable as this was.

  2. @Anonymous…Naked with socks on is a great look for a man….lol gonna have to check that out on Wednesday….I think my stories are a bit tooo graphic for you think it, I’ll say it….. 🙂

  3. @24hrFantasy You are going have to make Nate feature you, so we can read your stuff. Call it “Teaser Tuesday”, lol.

  4. Wow. Your mind is very imaginative and in a good way. While reading, I was able to picture the night with the details you gave. It was as if I was there at that very moment. Very nice.

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